Mei Guo Ying Xiong

Watched Captain America, and stayed until the credit finished rolling to watch the trailer for "The Avengers" thanks to Lim Tino's advice. More super heroes are joining Captain America, but I can only recognize IronMan and Thor (always pronounce the name Thor in hokkien which means something like 'damn').

It's a nice movie. I must say Chris Evans is HOT! Am impressive with his 眼神 and stuffs when he was a 'little guy'. I love his little guy figure too because he looks so cute! Tommy Lee Jones caught my eyes too, playing the strict, lenient and indifferent sergeant. The 3D effect and action packed plot were amazing. Enjoyed the movie, enjoyed the character, and enjoyed the night.

A little downside though: 1. Hugo Weaving is great too, but his Red Skull nose kept on reminding me of MJ's and Voldemort's nose... 2. The armies of Red Skull's who have the state-of-the-art weapon really need to work up their shooting skill.

I was shocked when I see Agent Van Pelt in 'The Mentalist' showed up at almost the end of the movie, the lady who greeted Steve when he woke up blah blah. She doesn't look good in bright red lipsticks lah...


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