Steamboat + Badminton Match vs Paper

Yesterday we had a tiny steamboat gathering at the restaurant near my old neighborhood. It's some sort of pre-farewell dinner for the MSc students who are submitting their thesis already.

The food was okay, ate a lot of grilled/fried fillet as the beef and chicken slices were a little too meaty and hard. Stuffed myself with a lot of veggie, fishballs, white and black fungus, mushrooms and other things too. I was so full until the throat!

Slowpoke me, I wasn't aware at all that there's World Badminton Championship going on until I saw some posts on FB news feed about the live thingy, and the night was the final matches of all categories, and of course, our dearly Dato Lee Chong Wei was playing against his all-time rival Lin Dan.

It's been a while since I last watched a badminton match with a group of friends/people, and it's really fun. The restaurant was full of people, squeezing their eyes to get a better look at the 32" TV. We sat at the most behind and cornered table, so our view sight was the suck-est.

Things got a little heat up during the beginning of the man's single, when LCW won the first set. Everyone who supported LCW cheered as if they wanted to tear off the roof. We walked back and off to see the score.

My prediction was correct.... again. Repeating the same situation as last year's Thomas cup, LCW performed really great during the first set, but his form slowly deteriorated at the second and third set. The game was breathtaking, but the results, again, was disappointing. Anyway, he tried his best, proud of him for being able to go to final
(comparing to the once World No. 1 men double KKK & TBH...)
P/S: I saw some comments on FB after the match, some people blame luck for LCW's lose. Seriously? Then how come we couldn't hold the Thomas cup last year when it's held in Malaysia? Because the luck was at elsewhere?

After the match, we called it a day and went home. When I was squeezing every neurons of my brain to finish the conference paper, my friend said in his FB wall that he's watching Korean pair, I quickly turned on the TV for Cai Yun & Fu Hai Feng!! My all-time favourite pair. :)

So, in this case, Badminton vs Paper?

Badminton FTW big time.


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