I Want to Rant

Too much work to do, too much due date to meet, and procrastination-ness overload (obvious constant poison from phdcomics.com)

The PhD evaluation is coming closer and closer, in fact, it's almost around the corner - This October!!

So, my boss has been pushing me to produce more and more on the conference/journal paper to ensure the ticket to PhD is more secure. (summore I already got the scholarship, die die also need to pass the evaluation, or else I'll really dead)

The thing is, thanks to his trust on me, I am 'honored' a few posts here and there. And, he's not just nominate me, he chose me. -__-

Therefore, besides doing my own research stuff, I have some other business to take care of, which occupies about 1/3 of my time. Plus, my results aren't convincing enough, so the paper production delay goes to nearly infinity.

Yeah, my time management skill sucks too.

Generally, my boss forgets about the positions he bestowed upon me, and I have a so-called competitor who has the same status but she has nothing else to worry about besides her own work who he kept comparing me with since she already published one journal (!!), I got pissed. Thus the creation of this post.

Her to-do list is much shorter than mine.
She gets 100% time for the research yet I have 75%.
She has bigger guts than I am.
She works at night and I prefer to call it a day.

Overall, I hate myself for being such a wuss, and making hell lot of reason to cover that and my own procrastination. Sigh~

Wasted 30 minutes of the writing-paper time for this post :/ Shame on you Nee!!


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