Midnight Rant

It's 2.08 AM now. I still eye-sore-ly awake.

I am actually in a very much frustrating mood now, because: There will be this blood donation campaign held in Kurnia office 'today' and they have all these awesome sponsors (OK lah maybe not that awesome, but cheapskate me prefer a decent goodies bag) and my friends told me usually a quite-big scale of blood donation campaign like this, they offer additional services like free body checkup etc (OK lah maybe it's just some extreme simple BP test etc, but cheapskate me appreciate such services dearly).

I've been hearing about this campaign since the beginning of the month and have been looking forward of it ever since (In a boring land like this, even blood donation campaign can make you hype)

HOWEVER, my hormones always LOVE to tease me, mock me, and it's all wrong timing. Few days back, I had all this pre-menstrual syndrome coming together, the headache, upset tummy etc, and I hoped it would have given me at least a pathetic chance. Yesterday after lunch, I had this weird feeling on my vajayjay, rushed to toilet, and I screamed in utmost agony and frustration.

Bloody red undies.
Bye-bye decent blood donation campaign.


My labmate suggested me to tell my 'down under' to give me a break, which I did, and both of us had a good laugh of it, but nope! No means no!! During the badminton game tonight, the flooding feeling was not fake at all.

Sigh... Ironically, 'Evey Blood Donor is a Hero', but I can't even be a hero when I want to!! :(

Anyway, another thing that keeps me awake is the kopitiam discussions of the Budget 2013. Most of the people look at it as the big joke, as failed as last year, example:
1) the RM200 smartphone rebate thingy - seriously??
2) Sugar price increase - GREAT!! Harga air naik jugak lah~
3) Discounts on PTPTN - A double standard loan...
...and some other things that, I can't find a suitable to bash about it because it might upset those who might misunderstand my meaning.

I pray for the GE to come soon!!!
(Anyway, this is their last chance and they have no choice until Mar 2013)


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