Quantum Pendant

note: the ring is Lim family's Lord of the Ring
 Few years back, mom bought this quantum pendant for all of us, kept saying the good things like it is made from volcano rocks/ashes, the benefits, the advantages, etc etc, until we jokingly mocked her (in a good way!!) that wearing the pendant can give us superpowers! Plus, mom emphasized that... it is 'NOT CHEAP'. By 'not cheap', mom's response was "it's not cheap lah, wear it! It's for your own good."

We usually won't go against mom, and it's just a pendant, so I've been wearing the pendant for... I donno 3-4 years?

From time to time, I read articles about the side effect or hazardous effects it may cause to human, because it emits unsafe level of radioactivity. Somehow, recently, the news about these quantum pendants get heated up, there's even claim about AELB* banning the pendant, which sounds rather bad.

*AELB is Atomic Energy Licensing Board, I've been there few times for seminar and applying the company's license or something...

Up til today, I'm still wearing the pendant. If you ask me what effect does it bring me, I would say it causes me with low blood pressure, forbid me from blood donation. And, yes, I did a blood test early this year, and the results are not so good as I have low HDL and high LDL, made me blindly purchased fish oil tablets from the direct sales person. As of people around me, I don't see them complaining to me about headaches and bodyaches and other critical disease, so I think they're as healthy as a bull.

I wouldn't say the articles/news/reports aren't accurate, but if it really does emit high doses of radioactivity, for 3-4 years of wearing it, it would have give me cancers etc, or probably a heart problem or breast tumor since the chain is quite long and it often lays between my boobs.

So, all I want to say is, stay healthy, and stay sexy =)


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