Super Blur!!

This clueless and speechless 'thing' happened yesterday, when I thought yesterday was 10th, FOR THE WHOLE FREAKING DAY!

Funny thing was, I checked my phone for date, wrote the 11/9 on my note book and 'account' book for few times, and still I thought it's 10th!!

Why is it so important that I remembered the date wrong? Because...

Happy 'Belated' Birthday My Dear KaiJie 士敏!!!

I sent her a birthday message last night at about 10PM local time (approx 12AM in Brisbane) to wish her happy birthday (to show how 'accurate and early' I am LOL), without realizing anything wrong... until I heard the news on 12AM talked about 911 attacks 'which has just passed and yadda yadda', then I hurriedly checked my phone... and yes, it was 12th Sept.

LOL! My mind must be in a big mess hahahaha!! Wondered if this is going to happen on my own day?
"What's wrong with everyone? My birthday is tomorrow, yet everyone is wishing me today!!"

Blur... super blur...


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