Once Upon A Time

*Spoiler alert!!! You have been warned*

"Once Upon A Time" is one of the 'stocks' I have in my hard disk. Now that I finally finished watching the season finale, it is one of my favorite too!

It begins with a 28-year-old woman, Emma, a bail bond agent (still can't understand the nature of this occupation), who is one day being approached by a boy, Henry, claimed to be her son. He brings her to Storybrooke, where every fairy tales characters are trapped without knowing their true identity, to break the evil queen's spell, or shall I just quote the opening:

"There is a town in Maine... where every storybook character you've ever known is trapped between two worlds, victims of a powerful curse. Only one knows the truth, and only one can break her spell."

"Once upon a time, an evil queen banished every storybook character you've ever known to our world. Who knows the truth, and who can break the spell?"
That pretty much tells the general idea of the series.

What makes it so interesting in the series is that, the overlapping of storybook characters and the stories themselves overwhelm me. The 'element of surprises' are:
1) Prince 'James aka David' Charming's story
2) The story of Cinderella is rather cruel yet true in the reality world.
3) The fairy godmother that helps Cinderella is... Rumpelstiltskin.
4) The red riding hood is... the big bad wolf.
5) Belle 'Beauty and The Beast' is in love with... THE beast Rumpelstiltskin.
6) Where do the dwarves come from? ... They are hatched from giant eggs.
7) There are initially eight dwarves, but one of them died in the mission of rescuing Grumpy from the prison (another episode's story)
8) From what I see, although the way evil queen do things is too cruel, Snow White kinda deserves some punishment because 1. 她好心做坏事; 2. "Mother knows best"; 3. "Evil isn't born; it's made"
9) 'The Magic Mirror's origin.

One thing for sure, Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold should be entitled the world's busiest businessman and the evil queen/Regina would be the busiest witch/antagonist/vengeful woman. Both of them are somehow involved in each and every stories with different purposes, with Rumpelstiltskin striking deals with the characters while the evil queen plots the evil plans along the way. Besides the original Rumpelstiltskin story, he also strikes deal with hell lot of other characters, he just love making deals, and he is a lawyer in real world! LOL

I have a lot more to talk about, but heck you can just watch the series to find out. Found this blog that talks about the series, so you may have some reading over there. Waiting for Season 2!! =) Let's hope the producers etc do not run out of good ideas and reenacts 'Heroes', which the next season sucks so much, I stopped watching after season 2 (not even sure if I finished season 2)


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