Genting trip

After our exam week, we actually had activity to attend on the weekend (super-duper sien), however, I ponteng-ed Sunday's (11st) event to join my buddies at Genting. Hehe~~ I'm a good student nah!

We stayed at cosy *ahem* Theme Park Hotel, 1 big bed and 1 small bed. It's been quite a moment since my last stay in Theme Park Hotel. Nothing much to complaint anyway.. OH YEAH!! The bathroom's water temperature is really terribly hard to adjust.. Haiyo~~ turn bit-bit too hot, turn bit-bit too cold.. darn~

Our window's view is a perfect outdoor theme park's view (our room is above Marybrown's), so when we all woke up to prepare ourselves for the fun time, I pee-ed at the theme park to increase my level of excitement.

I reached Genting at about 8(something) pm. Met up with the girls and gone back room to rest first before heading to our movie - IronMan!!!

Few snaps in the room

The room has a wiiiidddeeee mirror. There was me, sitting in front of that mirror, watching wo cai with the others while snapping the photo, while others fighting to ask others to bath first... -___-

At 11pm, we went to first world for our movie. Genting's cinema seat is not so comfortable, but thankgoodness the rating-10/10-must-watch movie is watched and definitely recommended must-watch!!! Argh!!!! Tony Starks!!! I like I like... Pepper Potts is hot too~ but kinda weird to see Gwyneth Paltrow (hope I get her name correct) in this kind of movie. hmmm.... (I watched 2nd time with Mr LCC!!! haha!!)

It's almost 1am when the show ends. We walked back, excited and thrilled! ...Then I spotted something....

Obviously, the tiger is inside a shop lah ofcoz with other tigers. But this special tiger put its paw on the mirror, acting-romance kind... So KarLin asked me to take picture, so I posing so chio-ly.. 'Accidentally', the white tiger at the side is chio too!!! See how it look at the passing-romance-to-me tiger... TeeHee~!!!

The next day, sure loh out we go to outdoor theme park! Haih.... It's been some time since my last visit there... Summore this time with a gang of 'bravery' again as well~ Hahhahaha!

p/s: something weird... The day was monday, and it should be not so crowded as during weekends coz it is goodness sake MONDAY! But that day was so crowded!! Few games, we had to go through a long queue just to take the few seconds thrill ride. Deng~

There's this promotion for superman (flying coaster), RM10 for 2 continuous rides. Waha!!! Fun!! Tommy is awesome enuff to let his hand off during the whole flying moment.. I admit I'm a su-la. -____-

When we were in the long queue at Space Shot, there were a lot of Indian-mid-east type of people queuing in front of us, and lots of kids. Before and after the ride, gosh! their response were so excited! and bilibalabilibala in their language with the exciting emotion and gesture, so I told JuJu:"Read the subtitle... read the subtitle..." ... ... ... LAME

We went down hill at about 6something.


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