Badminton Maniaz

Just came back from a badminton game. Gosh, why I feel like my skill getting worse everytime I play?? Another thing: Why the emoticon cannot move one?
Ever since I seriously involved in badminton, I am so seriously attached to it. Wow!! Anyway, still doing my best in this sport.

Right now I really need to train my stamina back as good as the old days.

Cant catch my breathe when playing single badminton, not even 10 points I already give up because i feel as if my nose not functioning and my lung cant get any air from outside sad.gif Feel so weak sad.gif

But I have this problem when I start running (even in slow pace).. Mayb bcoz I dono the proper way to control my breathe, I get tired easily and some slight pain on my knee...

Regarding that matter, I got some advices from the lyn forumers; anyway, to make it 'come true', that really need to trigger my semangat first. Kekekek! boh bien! Right now perlis is so damn hot neh!!! I'm melting!!!!!!!!

Still got one more week to go!!! Last paper on 8th!!! YAY!!!

... ... ... ... ...

But got that stoopid IndEx ceramah on 10th and 11th


Random pictah time:
1. My Insanquarium is getting stronger~* Hehe! Now DingDing has grown up from a tiny lil orange guppy into the blue king! (See the crown?) So instead of dropping 2-cent orange shells, he will drop a 5-cent blue shell. Great!

This is one of the "Adventure" level that I played. Look at the crowd~*

But once the alien(s) approach

They destroy half tank of my fishies. Darn aliens!!

2. Few weeks ago, Encik Megat organized a clinic session in Wang Ulu at 9pm. We expected some more exclusive tips from him, somehow, he not really fail us by giving one more tips, which makes us somehow nervous too. Aiks...

Being too bored, I took pictures.

KarLin and I

And some ass...

Oops!!! I did it for the lulz~ Hope the person involved didn't see this.

3. One pimple burst!!! And this is the outcome:

(yeah, I know I'm lame)

4. I get myself a new hair clip from pasar malam. Erm.. RM1/2 I guess. Hope it is tough enough to survive. Wakakak!

5. This is my collection of books for this one year in Perlis (Gosh! One year already~ See how the time flies?) Finished Eric Wu(吴若权)'s book, now reading 藤井树's novel - 我们不结婚,好吗?

藤井树 is an internet writer. Ermm... Am i correct? He wrote his things on the net, then make it into a book and sell it. He is not the usual type of writers who uses nice words and nice phrases and nice 文笔 in their novel, his kind of writing is more like the way we are in the real life. Yes! Just like you and your friend talking, just like... LIFE~ Aiks... Really bad in introducing people. This is the second book of his that I bought, the first one is 这就是我的答案. Another internet writer that I read is 九把刀. Only have one of his book - 妈,亲一下. Man, that fellow really makes me cry. But I didn't buy his other books yet coz the title is somewhat 'weird'.
Currently admiring 吴若权... Hehe~


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