Case of Elizabeth Fritzl

In 1984 (the year I was born!!), Elizabeth Fritzl was drugged, handcuffed and locked in the dungeon of horror by her jilakat father, Josef Fritzl. She was locked in the dungeon until 2008, when one of their children was sent to the hospital for a critical medical treatment.

It was horrified when I was exposed about the news of Elizabeth Fritzl. For more detail, you can google for it.

What surprised me the most is that the jilakat's wife doesn't know anything about the dungeon and believed her jilakat husband's shit about 'Elizabeth runaway from home and joined a cult'. Then again when her jilakat husband took 3 of the children home and claimed that Elizabeth leave the children to them because she is not able to take care of them...

I said this is so 'X-file'.

I read a lot of news, comments, blog etc about this case. It made me feel so terribly miserable and heart-broken when I tried to imagine how is this woman coping with this kind of miserable life.

For 24 years, I went to primary, secondary, poli and now uni; I have friends; I lead a sporty lifestyle; I don't use sun-block all the time so my skin getting darker and darker; I own a car which my parents support; I am a spoilt child etc etc...

On the other hand, she was locked up by the demon father, along with her children, who seeing the daylight for the first time in their life upon the release from the 'jail'.

It is so heart-broken.

Austrian man locks wife aka daughter and children in a cellar for years

Josef Fritzl planned Austrian horror cellar years before

I hope Elizabeth and her children will recover fine and well. It's acceptable that it will need a long period of time for the recovery, but they deserve to have a happy life. They deserve it so much.

Last but not least, just pray hard that there will be no other Elizabeth Fritzl in this world.

一种米养百种人. 世界上什么人都有. 人性真可怕,可让人变成天使;也可让人变成魔鬼.


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