Pahang trip

So far, it's been a busy and hectic and happening semester break for me...

Ponteng-ed uni's activity to go to Genting (ARGH! hv to check uni portal for any latest bulletin, and YET, I'm a good student no doubt ;) ); Drove back KayBee on wed morning and come to KL on thurs night to join Sungai Lembing trip; and here I am lepak-ing in SS2, waiting to go back KayBee tonight...


Month ago, after owning my K510i for nearly 2 years, only that I realise 'EIH?! got panorama feature in my K510i rupe-rupenyerrrrr'


SuPer n0Ob spotted

Anyway, that particular feature helps me alot in taking scenery pictures

SEE~~~~ Leng mah leng mah??

OK, officially started off the topic.

5 of us (me, LCC, friendY, friendI and friendP) went to Sungai Lembing, Pahang by car (friendI was the honored driver). We departed from Cheras at 11pm.

I were sleeping almost during the whole journey, but sleeping inside a car in sitting posture is not comfortable, so I'm experiencing a huge impact on my waist and neck.

In sleepy and blurry mode, I kinda realise that we sesat at Kuantan town for a moment. Boh bien, it's hard to have clear view of signboard and the landmark in dark.

We eventually arrived kaki bukit Sungai Lembing at about 4am. Five of us, bringing few torchlights & few handphones with flashlight feature, heading off to LingMingShan (林明山).

Fuyoohhhhhh!!!!! That was unbelievably exhausted!!

To climb to the top of the bukit, there's alot of stairs for you to climb. Now THAT's is actually the most penat-est stage, because there are alot alot ALOT of stairs!!! Arghhhhh!!! And I can announced that my stamina has dropped in a very disappointing level... Haiz~~~

I dono what time we reached the top, but it's still very early and it's still dark. But the top is very cold and song, and I took a short nap.

As time flies, more and more people were reaching the top too. So more and more noise were creating. FriendY said that was still normal, sometimes during peak seasons, traffic jam will be expected!!! Fuyoooohhhh~~

(Not so clear and beautiful anyway, coz too much clouds)

Spotted few SLRs' owners taking pictures.

I paiseh-ly took out my noob K510i to take few shots too... TeeHee~~

(errmmm... told you it's noob K510i, so don't expect too much of the quality lah nah... :p)

The scenery is even more spectaculous when we went down hill!

During the final stage of the stair case adventure, I counted the steps.

300++++ stairs leh~~ Fuyooohhh~~~

Reaching the kaki bukit safely, had breakfast, hanging around the town and off we go to the hotel. FriendP had to go back to KL on that day.

On that particular day we went to Teluk Chempedak to eat some ocean wind.

At night, friendI pengsan-ed (he haven't had a nice rest since the night we departed from KL.. Poor him... Anyway, he is Iron made, so.... -_- ). 3 of us (me, LCC and friendY) went to eat seafood at Pak Su 老叔 seafood restaurant nearby our hotel. We ordered crabs, xiaobakcoi and their zhaopai noodle. Around RM60+.

That night, I watched Uber Cup final. Undoubtly China won again lol~

The next day, after check out, we had our brunch the CurryMee at HoiYin restaurant near Teluk Chempedak.

Then we went to WanFoDian (万佛殿). The pictures will be uploaded once I got them from LCC.

We headed back KL after that.. I didn't pengsan during the whole journey, weird...

When we arrived KL, we had a nice steaks at Taman Billion while watching Thomas Cup final. I couldn't watch until the very very final part coz we're leaving the place, eventually I watched it through a lag-ing live streaming, and again, undoubtly China won again~


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