New KL-KB route

The other day I drove back with daddy from KL. He recommended to try a new route. Instead of KL-Karak highway-Bentung-Raub-Lipis-Gua Musang route, we tried KL-Tapah-Ringlet-Brinchang-Gua Musang route.

The alternative route is 50km further than the pahang route, and abit challenging as the route involves alot of hilly-curvy-steepy roads. Darn! hard!

We ate lunch (bakkutteh) at Ringlet. Wow! The weather there is shiok!!! hot sun above head and cool windy wind blowing on our face.

The route eventually brought us to cameron~ Haha!!! Bought alot of strawberries and jagongs there... After that I pengsan for the whole trip until we reached GuaMusang RnR. I took turn to drive back to KayBee~


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