Birthday Wish

*~Hope she sees this~*

Last night (Ermm... to be precise, should be this morning), I couldn't sleep well coz it's too hot!! GOSH!! But not thinkind of sleeping naked coz even if I really do so, it will be sticky bcoz of the bedsheet and my baby pillow etc etc...

OK! Enough of nonsence-ing! When I was turn right turn left to find a nice spot to stay still and doozed off, suddenly something came oacross my mind.


And then I looked at my hand phone's date

*4th May 2008*

Ok~ must be a belated birthday to a friend of mine... Birthday... Gold bull... Hhmmmmphh... Who har...


FuQianYi - 3rd May!!

So hope she will see my blog~

Happy belated birthday my good old friend!! I miss you so much!!! Next time when you come back Malaysia make sure my timing is ngam lah pleaseeeeeeeee.... I'm so desperately begging you...... I already miss alot of gathering with you neh~~~~~


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