Home-staying Spoilt Girl

Staying at home made me a terribly spoilt girl.

Let's talk about yesterday and today for instant.

Yesterday: I reached KayBee at 5++am. Mum fetch me at Chu Chin Hin. Stay awake watching CSI and Bad Boys. Fell asleep until 12pm. Had lunch at Mah Poh's place. Stayed back until almost 6pm. Back home. Help mum buy tail number (nombor ekor). Had dinner. Watched tvsss. Slept at 11pm.

Today: Mum woke me up at 7am to go for morning exercise. Back home at 9am. Ate breakfast (mum made burger, self bancuh nescafe). Online+forum+play games. Chen online. Mum chatted with her. Bath after the sweat dried. Mum out of sight. Online after bath. Watch National Geographic and Discovery. Went upstairs, mum mopping floor (note: I didn't help coz I'm a spoilt and ungrateful child). Went downstairs, continued online. Mum came down, said she wanna hek chuan (relax) awhile then only go for lunch and asked me to orkh (patient) note: I did wait. Went mah poh's place to have lunch. Stayed back until 5pm. Went home. Mum continue mopping floor. Nee online. Nee volunteered to fetch dad. Fetch dad. Went home. Coco came back home. Had dinner. And here I am.

I've been a book maniac when I was at PJ. I started collecting 'The Series of Unfortunate Event'!! Haha! I didn't buy the 13 series in one shot coz I'm not afford to, so I bought book 10 and 11 first. Weird huh? Coz last time I read until book 9 mah (and.... it was almost 2 years back punya story edi... Haizz...)

I bought a novel from TengJingShu and Gidden too. Hopefully my passion of reading don't fade away now.

Chen is coming back on 6th June, and we will have a family day for that weekend in KL. Tee Hee~

When we were msn-ing this morning, she suggested to buy mum a gift, and she told me she plans to buy a game console too. At that moment, my heart get itchy~ In US, NDSL is sold at around <150usd. ARGH~!!!!!! How how?


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