New Semester has started....(4)

...and i've finally moved to new house - KKB23.

This house is occupied by new students (I didn't get to know their course and who they are yet).

I was so phobia about moving again, my stuffs are all packed up in boxes and bags. Just hope and pray hard that I'll be staying here for good for this semester ba~~ *finger crossed*

My friend A is not that lucky. After moving for the fifth time, she was suddenly rejected by the residents of her new home. That really shocked me!

Night before this, after we attended the hostel perjumpaan, I followed A and B to A's new home to double confirm about the room that she'll be entering. There were some problems regarding that issue, but the final word was they agreed to have her in.

On the Friday, I moved in my new home silently (coz nobody was at home mah that time). And A will move later on. When I was cleaning up my things, I saw her and her 'new' housemates were walking back and forth the office, with a confused and miserable expression on A's face. I was to ask how's she doing, but she just whispered:"I'll tell you later."

On the evening, when we were having high-tea in H&A's room, Nadia told us about A's problem. Apparently the 'new' housemates refuse A to move in! Wow! I might have figured out why will this happen but it's too sudden! coz just the night before, the agreement is settled!

The last news that I knew is A went to another hostel, and will proceed the procedures to transfer to the other hostel.

I wouldn't know or even think about what if all these things happen on me... It's too sad and dramatic...

My brain is so totally malfunction right now, I think I might as well read the newspaper instead~



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