3 movies in 3 days!! *woot*

I went to KL on Friday morning as promised.

On that particular night, we went to Summit USJ for Hancock. Gosh it was so great! And just as what I thought, his name is really 'John Hancock' :D Summore we got a nice seats and no one was sitting beside me, so it was like watching movie in my own house. Wakakakka! But what happened next is so unfortunate and miserable :(

When the show 'seemed' to finish and the list of names starting to scroll up, I asked LCC not to go out first as the lights were not totally on yet, means there's still something going on afterwards, so I didn't bother to stand up anyway. And YES I'm so totally right! It continued with the 'AllHeart' thing for about a minute or two and THE END! And I straight away stood up and didn't even bother to check my belongings first! And something sueisiao eventually happened...

The next day, 'only' then I found out that my wallet was not in the place that it supposed to be in!! ARGHHHH Darn!!!! After searching everywhere, my mind flashed:"OMG! Summit!? No good no good........"

So we decided to 'bok yat pou', and went back to Summit just in case... (AND because of this stoopid and lunjun reason we missed the 12.20pm IOI Dark Knight! GrrrrRRrRRrR stoopid Nee!!!)

When we asked the ticket guy, he asked his people and his people asked another people and asked us to wait as the cleaning guy was on his way here. We had our lunch downstairs. By that time I already thought of the worst case scenario:"OMG!! What if there isn't my wallet there? OMG my IC and license! OMG matrik card! OMG atm card and credit card! Arghhhhh why is this happening to me!?!?!?!? OMG OMG OMG OMG"

When we were on the way up to the cinema, LCC told me to pray, wish that they found my wallet. *finger crossed*

When I asked the cleaning guy and described the color of my wallet, he said:"talak pink mah... Saya jumpa yang putih saja" and he took out my wallet to show me!!!! Ahhhhhhh I almost cried at that moment!!! Before that I thought of looking for a new wallet to replace it, now, no way man, I'm too she bu de already...

OK done for that session.

We got Hellboy2: The Golden Army tickets from a friend of LCC. At first we thought we can't make it coz LCC's uncle was on his way in an ambulance from KT to SJMC. Due to some circumstances, the ambulance would arrive around 9something pm. So being an ungrateful 后辈, we went to MidValley for the show first.

Oh I'm so in love with Liz and Abe!! The most memorable plot about this movie for me is "You know I can't smile without you". Ah I can't stop singing that song over and over again (although I only know the chorus part. Dengz~) Abraham Sapien's controlling-macho situation is so cute! Haha! And his hands are cool too~ "You're pregnant" =.=

After the show, we went to SJMC to wait for the ambulance. His uncle is admitted because of his heart problem. He said that his heart even stopped twice when he was in KT hospital. Since his condition is stabilized, they transferred him to SJMC for further inspection. Now he is staying in CCU.

I thought SJMC is like Pakar Perdana in KB where people can go in and out whenever they like, but SJMC is so damn strict (which is very good!) The guards and nurses will always make sure the visitors are following the rules such as visiting hours and number of visitors, so we spent most of the time waiting outside as only two visitors are allowed to get into the CCU in a time.

On Sunday, things became abit chaotic (not going to explain every details coz it's chaotic). We went to Pudu to buy my KL-K.Perlis ticket, and went to Pavillion for The Dark Knight. I thought we were not going to get a nice seats coz it was so full, and the screen kept on showing 'selling fast'. Eventually, we got the side seats which is in the middle of the hall. GREAT!!!

This is another movie that I'm gonna say 'GREAT'. Jas wrote about the wicked Joker's trick, so I did wait to see that specific scenes.

"Let me show you how to make the pencil disappear" Arghhhhh *villain*

Then I saw something in the movie which the newspaper was talking about few weeks back. Edison Chen aka 陈冠希 did show up in this movie, and frankly, he appeared for few seconds indeed =.=" just like what the newspaper said. Indeed he was with Morgan Freeman, and indeed his dialogue is only few sentences =.="... And... His image is kinda blurry, even LCC didn't notice his existance in that scene at all =.="

BUT ok lah~~~ Morgan Freeman worh!! 对手戏 with him also not bad liao hor...


OK back to the show! the scene where Batman 'pull over' Joker's trailer is also damn awesome!!

Until the end of the show, I wondered, Heath Ledger as Joker in this movie is frankly a great performance indeed (although I didn't watch Brokeback Mountain before), so does his death relate to this movie? Whatever it is, he did a great job in The Dark Knight. Double thumb-ups to him and R.I.P.

Two Last thing. I wondered:

1. Why does the title call "The Dark Knight" instead of "Batman"?

2. Why most of the superheros are rich people? (such as Batman and Ironman)
Oh~ exclude Spiderman and Superman

One last thing:

RM99 Reebok :D

Gosh I heart *Why Pay More* in MidValley!!! Hugz!!


Chen said…
1. Why does the title call "The Dark Knight" instead of "Batman"?
**pasa everyone is "dark. joker is dark(bad guy), 2 face turn dark(kill people at last), batman is dark(black batman suit)...

2. Why most of the superheros are rich people? (such as Batman and Ironman)
Oh~ exclude Spiderman and Superman
**baru boleh bawa kerata lawa-lawa lah...takde model takde transport, macam superman boleh terbang saja, spiderman boleh panjat dinding saja...

wa masi lebai ki kua TDK, tapi dua midvalley....
ho ka zai li a lui ba du tiuk!
*Nee* said…
zha dao =.="

ho loh... wa masi che gia liao!

sudah dapat kerja?

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