New Semester has started....

... ...and old people like the dipS (count me in) are looking forward for holidays and LI edy~~~~


As I said before, before I leave home to come to Perlis, when I was at home registering my course's subject, I homesick dy...

And when daddy and I drove back to Perlis, and he went back home by bus that night, I felt like going along with him as well...

First night in a new hostel (change to different house, different housemates, no roomate coz I'm staying alone) is a miserable one, plus no laptop by my side, I was spending the night reading Lemony Snicket's and sleepless...

I felt like I'm totally in a solitary cell by myself! Sien~~

After this week, I hope things will get better la...

Got back my lappie edy!! Yay!! Luckily it still in warranty, so not a penny am I going to pay that shop!

Some updates on the new semester:
Since everything's price is hiking, we few girls decided that we would take more bus ride and less car ride this sem. And I'm so excited about that!

Lame! Whoever studying in unimap oso know the buses suxx to the max la

No!!! Nonononono~~~ You are so wrong~

We were so weird about the buses in Kampung Wai, coz all of the buses is either Shuttle bus or bas persiaran, which are very nice buses. And we got on a cozy Bintong Travel bas persiaran to dragon today. Wow Best!!

So we made up a conclusion ourselves: the students in Wang Ulu is so many, that they transferred all the bas sekolah-s to Wang Ulu, therefore they get some new buses for us old people, which the amount of buses are lesser than Wang Ulu's, coz the uni knows that DipS students most probably will bring their own transport.

Gosh I am so clever girl!


Oops... Please come and kill me! I'm so homesick!


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