Counting down to back to school


Will be leaving on saturday morning, after baibai (joh ki on saturday). When I was sms-ing with a uni friend about convoying back to perlis, I felt sad to leave home. Not even leaving yet and I already homesick lah~~~ aiyah~~~

I am kinda weird during this holiday. I don't wan to get out of the house (even if, it is to have lunch at my granma's place; so lazy that my mum even asked me why I didn't go out); I lazy to talk on the phone (so lazy that I upset a buddy of mine on the phone just to finish the conversation soon.. Oops...); Online just to watch youtube or movies or play games but not forum-ing...

And as the conclusion, it sounds like I'm having 自闭症. TeeHee~~~ *weird*

I registered for German class next semester!! Yay!!! Because Japanese class is always full when the registration started, and I not yet taking any option subject yet, so, I'm gonna study hard on German so I can write it down in my resume! Wakkakakak~ *hope so lah hah*

Last night my mum used my laptop to play spider, but she ended up playing insanaquarium instead. Haha~~ the game is so addictive she played for whole night, and asking me hints on how to defeat the monsters. She's so cute! :)

Almost finish tabao stuffs and car is cleaned. Argh I miss home! :'(


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