New Semester has started....(3)

...and on Thursday my class started at 2pm.

I woke up around 10am. When I prepared to go out for lunch-searching, someone knocked on my door. I thought it’s those unfriendly gangster was to attack me, so when I open the door, the first sentence burst out from my mouth is:”Please lah… Stop chasing me out of this house. I know I shouldn’t stay here and to move to other house. I’ll do so soon…” and that girl stopped me: “Be patient please. Don’t worry, I’m not here to attack you. Bersabar… I’m not from that gang.”

Hah! What a big misunderstanding… paisehnyer…

She asked me to go to office with her to settle the hostel thingy, just she and I, settle once and for all. So I went.

I’m not very sure what is the problem of that girl, but I can confirm that the gangs of KKB20 & 21 are definitely the most villainous and furious one. Not only they furiously ‘attacked’ the office few times because of the hostel matter (not to mention, in groups, just like along want to ‘gong sou’), this issue is raised to Pengetua’s acknowledgement. I think the hottest topic discussed in KKB right now is this issue (I think so lah coz the thing is happening on me). They are so hard to handle, until the hostel staffs would prefer not to touch their arrangement on those houses, or simplest term – totally ignored them.

To sort out my problem, kakak gave me the key of KKB23-4, which I’ll be staying with juniors. She said, it’s better off I move away from the evil house to avoid more problem. Haha!

So, I told my buddies to be careful and cautious when passing by KKB20 & 21 because these houses are so ‘keras’ (a malay term which means contains very strong bad spirits). I don’t think I use the wrong term or too cruel to use this term because it’s really so true. Both of the houses’ residents have ghosts inside them, both side is actually fighting against each other, that made us the most innocent victims in this whole issue.

Now, I prefer not to even looking at their faces when in the house. I prefer locked myself inside my room, and waiting for a better timing to move out. This kind of behavior not only makes them look so extremely ugly, it actually gives a bad image on their course too. Oh! Did I say that all of those evil people are from the same course? Even their own course mates know about this gangs’ trouble.


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