New Semester has started....(2)

.... And I am so upset about hostel thingy, I want to burst out my fire here.

I am being kicked out from my own house, KKB 21.

And the most crucial reason that I want to (AND I ABSOLUTELY HAVE THE RIGHT TO) shout those bastard down is because I am absolutely innocent in the scenario.

Things start off in the shit management of the hostel arrangment and the staff(s) who is/are incharge.

As usual, people will want the best for themselves. And for that reason, people tend to be selfish. EXTREMELY selfish.

That they think absolutely nothing but themselves.

Personally, I blamed the staff(s) for not being strict enough in this matter. Whenever students want to change room, they allowed; students want to change house to be with their member, they allowed; by switching names who didn't sign and take their keys yet with those who want to make all those changes.

My coursemate whose her and her housemate's name (Let's call them A and B) were under KKB 19-3 took their keys and started to do the cleaning. Then they tried to ask whether is there any room that they can change to, the kakak said:"ade! Budak ni tak ambik kunci lagi. Korang masuk bilik ni lah" and the kakak give them the new-room's key (KKB 20), and they moved and cleaned again.

Then out of nowhere, stood up a girl (call her C), crying and begging them to switch rooms between KKB 20 and 21, because C said all her members are staying in KKB 21 and she wants to stay in that house. So they agreed (coz the girl is crying and begging so badly), and they moved and cleaned again. For the third time.

Where am I?

I arrived on Saturday, took the keys and shocked coz I don't know any of my housemates (I am staying with complete strangers). But still, I moved in, and until now, already fully unpacked coz I eventually thought I am gonna stay in this house for this semester for good.


Things went ok for Monday. Then on Tuesday night, problem surfaced.

When Hird came over my house to discuss about course registration thingy, a malay girl (call her D) knocked on A&B's room. And the first sentence D said stunned us all:"Bilik ini sepatutnya kita punya" (This room suppose to be ours). And they fought for a whole solid hour, that frightened me away to escape to Hird's room.

D claimed that they don't have hostel to stay in coz the room which is under their name is eventually occupied. I will just skip all the back-stab, 'discussion', argument etc aside coz I'm afraid I'll suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome bcoz of this selfish and stoopid stuffs.

OK. Dramatic thing came along.

Yesterday, when I was on my way to Hird's house for dinner, I saw A crying with a paper on her hand. A said it's the latest namelist from the hostel office of the arrangment of the houses and rooms.

A was to stay with D in KKB 20. My name was written in the most bottom of the list (not to mention the font is kinda big as well). I was in the list coz they kicked out B from the room she's currently staying into the room I'm staying, and so I was kicked to KKB 15-4.

And the most amazing part is, the list is out under everyone's approval, means A, B and I was WITH them in the office when the list is chop and signed by the staff.

Hallo! A, B and I was not in hostel for whole day! You are so good in disguises, just like the jilakat Count Olaf!

I have nothing in my mind but blank.

I am completely innocent. I guai-guaily took my room's key, moved in to a house that I'm going to stay with a bunch of strangers, slowly unpacking one by one and now I am involved in these whole chaotic thing. Please put yourselves in my situation.

We were so mad, about 7-8 of us gathered in Hird and As's room, talking and cursing about this issue. I have nothing but kept on repeating:"What is this going to do with me?"

I finished my dinner and went off to my German class. The class is fun and almost ease my bad mood. But when I went back to hostel, the bad mood strikes again.

There was whole gang of people there, and when they saw me coming back, a girl (name her E) called me and said:"Lim, boleh 'bincang' sikit tak?"(can we discuss for awhile)

Her way of bincang is:"Kita nak mintak awak pindah ke bilik 15-4. Budak yang duduk bilik tu sudah pindah ke bilik lain, so bilik tu kosong sekarang, so you boleh pindah masuk." (we want to ask you to move to room 15-4. The kid who stays in that room has moved to the other room, so the room is empty now, so you can move in)

Does this sound like some sort of jilakat discussion!?

I only said one sentence:"If you can assure that room is empty, I'll move."

Then E said:"ok! Lim dah settle. Sekarang kita bincang pulak pasal budak melayu ni"(ok, Lim's stuff settled. Now let's move on to malay girls' part)

I escaped to Hird and As's house so I wont burn down the house at that moment.

With all these things going around, I don't feel normal staying in this house already.

Just now, when amazingly the house is so empty that only A and I was in the house, we talked about these whole issue. A said that those girls said:"Kita ingatkan kita memang satu geng duduk kat rumah ni, mana tau budak cina tu datang, masuk, kemas2..."(we thought the house is ours, but who knows out of nowhere that chinese girl moved in and unpack her stuff).

Amboi amboi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like I so desperately and begging to stay under one roof with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JILAKAT..................................

And A talked about last night's so-called discussion. Yup, the discussion went very nasty. People who are selfish insist of being selfish, even the middle-person that they find is on their side's. YEAH! very good discussion indeed! Even A said she nearly burst out on fire but she avoid doing so coz she just want to put all this shit into an end. And A also said luckily I ran away, otherwise the discussion will certainly end up in fire, coz she knew that when people kept pushing me so hard, my words wouldn't be nice.

My situation is much easier than A and B. I'll just move away and swept my ass goodbye to those jilakat shit jerks (hah! see! told you not to mess with me)

But not to A and B. Their situation is much more complicated that A didn't know what to do next.

Tomorrow night, we will have a KKB perjumpaan. I so hope that they bring up this case so that I can so directly shoot the person involved coz I am so damn innocent! (Ofcoz, say only jek. Will or will not do is different story, belakang kira lah yang tu...)

OK! Done of the story-telling part. Here comes my opinion about all these stuffs:

Sometimes I just couldn't understand the management here. I'm not sure whether is this the way local uni handle stuffs, or just us here. When the upper people is dealing stuffs regarding uni students, they will do in the way 'we will let the students settle their own problem themselves', just like this case.

The kakak ikut suka hati allowing the students change rooms etc, not only is unfair to those who register later, but also causing alot of side-effects, just like this jilakat case that I'm facing right now.

People will want to stay with those they knew well, that is a fact. A told me that those C, D and E did all these stuffs just to 'fight for their right', means they insist of same coursemates staying together by sacrificing other people's right. When A told them that our coursemates are seperating along the row of houses, they fought back:"So why don't you fight for your own right too?" Hallo! We are so not like you guys! We are civilised mature-thinking *Ahem* person, unless you guys like kids fighting for candies.

My name was put under this house KKB 21 coz the hostel rules said that in one house, must have at least one non-muslim, and this jilakat rules make me stranded here. But that's still ok for me coz I am an easy and simple person, if you don't mess with me, I will be nice to you, eventhough I don't know you. (I thought so myself la, you can disagree about my personality I won't mind)

But right now, in that list, KKB20 & 21's penghuni-s are completely malays, and that ofcoz against the rule already.

Whatsoever, cincai lah... I am so lazy and so unfortunately being dragged into this matter, I decided to move. Not because I give up or surrender to them, it's just because I am so not like them who think nothing but themselves. And this case has made me felt uncomfortable staying in this house already.

Now I am so believe in karma and bao ying. Just wait and see. Some day, this same things will happen on them, who make people's life miserable to satisfy own pleasure.


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