Joh ki's cooking time

Spending few minutes to install Insanaquarium for mummy first...

Since tomorrow is my grandfather's joh ki, we are preparing some of the food today such as prawn and hong bak.

Well, a bak ka (肉脚) like me help on chopping and slicing the onions, bawangs, carrots etc while mummy preparing the chicken and prawn and granny as the superior supervisor.

Mum asked me to gien pang (爆香) as one of the ingredients for the meat loafs. Granny and I rolling up the meat loaf with dao ghi pui (叫豆签皮吧 -_- ).

Main task came along. Mum asked me to cook hong bak while granny supervising. *wow*

I'm not very sure seeing this cuisine in other states (which makes it quite special... Wakakakka~) and this is one of the important cuisine in Kelantan. It is usually served during special occasion such as wedding and joh ki.

Preparing the dishes slightly simple. First gien pang, and put in octagon flower (I don't know the specific name sorry! -___-" I simply make that up myself. The other terms are 八角花 and bunga cengkerik) and coconut sugar block (椰糖块). Once the coconut sugar melted, put in the chicken and pork (which are 'treated' with orh dao yiu 黑酱油), and gaul and gaul and gaul until...


Cousin stopped by with his wife and kids. Argh baby yenxing is so cute and adorable!! Not manage to snap her pictures coz the phone is charging. I carried her all around the house, and played with her awhile. Gosh the giggling and baby-talking is tooooo cute I don't want to let go!!

Arghh.... will be leaving home tomorrow morning at 9. Sad :(

Random pictar time:
1.Thunder attacks! Coco is running for shelter again!

2.I bought book again. This time is a book which I'm looking for quite some time, 吴若权's 你知不知道我好爱你.

Well it's not a very-hard-to-find book, but I was looking for cheaper one or pasar-malam one, but failed. So I bought it at Popular in KB Mall. Gosh!

This are the books that I bought during this holiday but haven't read.

Yet, there still some that not in the caption. Just too lazy to run upstair and downstair to retrieve all.


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