New Semester has started....(5)

...And I finally get to stay in this house for good! *finger crossed*

Actually, in my point of view, everything is still so crucial. It will only eventually put to an end when the 2nd intake is totally done (which is on 20th July), to see whether the room is actually a back-up room for 2nd-intake students anot. So my study desk is so messy with everything inside a big box and I don't dare to unpack yet, just in case anything happen again... Arghhhhhhhhhhh Life is so suxx!

Better talk about something happy...

I went to TKD on saturday night. We shared the same venue as Karate's. The dewan is quite huge so it wasn't so crowded (one of the main reasons is because not all attended mah... Left me the blue-stripe-r alone so cruel!!)

Quite a number of new students registered for TKD I. And as usual, we warmed up and do some simple kicking and punching, then divided into two groups:the seniors and the juniors.

I learned new pattern: Yul-Gok. Argh difficult, but fun coz in some of the steps, it is so cool! :) Sweating is good!!

It seems like Langkawi is full of UniMAP students. Coz I received 3 chocolates from 3 different people at the same time! TeeHee!! 1 from 雄俊, 1 from Chai Ching and 1 from Wing. :)

Have to finish it up in time before it melting. So this few days, we'll have some chocolates to enjoy during lecture!! Yay!!


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