GuangZhou & Shenzhen Trip 广州/深圳之旅 (4/6/09-9/6/09)

After posts and posts of unhappiness in Uni, I think I should write about something else to enlighten up this blog shall I? ^^

It's one of the unfinished traveling tales to be told when I was in China. Yup, almost 3 months delay already. Ok lah let me settle once and for all slowly...

The initial plan was suppose to be Xinjiang family trip.

It was quite a chaos also lah when discussing about this trip, all of us gathered in MSN to discuss from all over the places (KL, KB and Xinjiang). Weeks and weeks of planning. I couldn't do much though as I was so far away, and the only task I did was to check the domestic flight fare.

However, due to some not-sure-what-is-the-main-cause-of-the-miscalculation circumstances, it finally turned out to be a trip to Guangzhou for 3 of us: Mum and Dad from KL, me from Xinjiang, because it is cheaper to pay for a ticket of one to-fro Xinjiang-Guangzhou than the ticket of two. Did I ever say the domestic flight going in and coming out of Xinjiang is expensive? I think I did.

It was quite a nice trip though, exclude some misplanned stuffs. I didn't do a thorough planning, so we missed quite a number of nice places and nice food! Argh! Anyway, I earned a credit from mum because I did all the talking and places-to-go lists where all they have to do is pay! Haha!

And, mum was disappointed because she so wanted to go to Xinjiang. Me too! =(

Honestly speaking, I don't really like Guangzhou personally. For me, it is just another advanced metropolis with busy traffic, poluted air etc. Ewww~ Plus, as during that time, Xinjiang was still quite chilling, so most of the clothes I brought is either long sleeves or thick, BUT Guangzhou's weather is as hot as in Malaysia. I almost melt! OMG.

We spent two days in Shenzhen because dad said don't want to stay in Guangzhou only through the whole trip.

Took the bus from airport straight to Shenzhen (which took longer time than the speeding bullet train and more expensive wtf). Summore the place where the bus disembark the passangers is rather odd too. Worst part is no taxi was willing to send us over the Green Inn 格林豪泰酒店 because there was a massive traffic jam hotspot.

We checked in the hotel after a taxi driver was kind enough to send us over (and there's not even a line queuing up on the road wtf) and had a good rest.

The next day, we went to Windows of the World 世界之窗. The entrance fee is RMB120 per pax and some half-price policy with terms and conditions apply.

Loads of fun!

We spent a full solid day there! It was quite bliss as we can see all the famous icons and landmarks from each and every places around the world in this park. Mum and dad are so happy. Me too! ^^ Imagine visiting Eiffel Tower in this minute, posing in front of Taj Mahal in the next minute, watching dances and live shows in japanese garden and Niagara falls, and playing water coaster on Mount Rushmore in the same day! Dad didn't join the water coaster though, but mum did! we got wet but still happy! Sweating is fun! Hehe...

Later then, we went to the opposite shopping mall to have our lunch at almost 4pm. =.=

Then we took the subway to go back to our hotel.

The LED indicator thing is quite user-friendly. It helps someone who can't read and understand Mandarin (like my dad) to know which stop is it now and how many more stops do we need to go. We really need one of those in our LRT as, you know, sometimes we can't really listen to what the speaker is announcing about the station's name, right?

The subway station where we need to get down is located at the lower ground floor of a mall. We took some time to ask around and looking for directions to walk back to our hotel. (The hotel receptionist suggested us to take the taxi to Windows of the World that morning because of this reason, it's so hard to find the subway station!! =.=)

Our Guangzhou trip was rather a simple one. I booked DuoBao hotel 多宝酒店 as recommended by Angelayen. It is located about 5 minutes walking distance to the ever-famous Up Down Nine Road 上下九路.

The place was congested with people! It alikes Petaling Street in KL, but the price is even cheaper and more shops! Shopping heaven girls! Dad was quite boring but not mum and I! Women mah~

We had our dinner in 广州酒家 GuangZhou Restaurant, which located almost at the center of the Road. The food is nice! But the ordering food part was quite jialat.

We went to Chime-Long Paradise 长隆度假区 in PanYu district 番禺区 the next day by subway. It is the largest amusement park in China, which within this 60 hectares park includes few major attraction spots such as Chime-Long Water Park, Chime-Long Theme Park, Xiangjiang Safari and Circus.

It rained cats and dogs that day, and there were a lot of big water puddles all over the place. I didn't survey the entrance ticket price earlier, so was quite shocked to find out that the tickets are quite expensive, even for individual park ticket fee. Gosh China government is really good in earning money in tourist attraction sites.

So, we ended up wandering around the park by its route bus (Yup, the park is so big it needs buses to move around). It was quite disappointing also as we planned to see panda. =(

The rest of the trip was just staying in hotel watching a drama series and re-endorse flight tickets back to Malaysia.

Going back to Urumqi.

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