It feels so good to be home v(^.^)v

I drove all the way back from Perlis to Kota Bharu. Not that there's no back up driver to alternate the driving turn, the traffic was quite smooth that we don't really want to stop. Summore, I didn't have enough sleep the night before as I had a badminton session last night and we played firecrackers at hostel after I finished. Haha!

We followed new route today (or maybe is me only :p): Kangar-Alor Setar-Gurun-Baling/Jeniang.

This route eventually bypassed the highway, so we can save some money on toll which is GOOD! Plus, this route has cut down approximately 50-60km from the Alor Setar-SP-etc route, which is GOOD too because we can save petrol money too! :)

I reached home safe and sound, extreme tired but glad! :)

A new washing machine in the house! Some bookshelfs at the dining area! Everything else is still same old same old. I miss home~ Hugs~


tino said…
aih...wa siang kak gui pak ni bo dui chu liao....
i miss home too....and coco
*Nee* said…
be patient... li ai dui lai liao ma... joh gang time teh kak bo siang than tak chek time lo...
Jasmine * said…
I want to go home too..... DRIVE SAFELY! You've seen what you saw!!!! How long's your holidays???
*Nee* said…
1 week++ ^^ Why? You wanna come back kah? Hehe~

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