An Accident

*I didn't state the place where this accident occurred. It happened at Langgar. Told dad about this accident. He said it's because of the road name! If at other place like Jalan Selamat or whatsoever, sure it won't happen. Yeah he got his point.

Witnessed an accident just now when I was on the way to Maybank.

I was waiting in the middle of the road to turn to my right side of the road, where in front of me was this black Myvi waiting to turn to Petronas at my side of the road.

I felt weird as the place she was waiting has a yellow box on it and the road was clear. Of curiosity, I turned to look behind me where I saw a van stop behind the yellow box and no vehicles were moving at that time. When I turned back to wait again (the traffic was quite busy), she decided to turn with a very slow speed.

After her turn, within seconds, I SAW a motorcycle slammed the Myvi, and the passenger at the back seat of the motorcycle eventually 'flew' on the air and slammed back to the ground, on the other hand the 'driver' was lying under the motor. Seconds later, the 'flying' guy stood up, walking crippledly to the side of the road, and few motorcyclists stopped to help moving the damaged motorcycle and the lying guy to the side of the road.

The front tyre and rim of the motorcycle was slanted. I not sure which of the car was slammed, but the car seemed undamaged.

I was so shocked, I could only watched the scene and stunted, in the middle of the road. *Snapped*, realising it was dangerous to still waiting in the middle of the road, I hurriedly made my turn. I wanted to help by calling the ambulance or whatsoever but I left my phone at home -_____-

People who reading my blog, becareful when you're on the road. Hari Raya is near, take good care of yourselves~


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