Cuteness Overload Day

Yesterday (100909) was cuteness overload day.


Everyone is being so overload-ly cute and adorable!!

Someone who we don't really expect they can really be this hilarious and cute.

First off, the ever-funny Etnik lecturer Mr. I.

It's his Mid-term test today. I read the notes but couldn't remember it. So we 'shared' our information among us.

After the test, answer sheets were collected and distributed back to different groups (we have two groups in this lecture) to mark the answer. Gosh I never know Unimap students are so good!

Isarel Pakistan
(should be Israel Palestine), Irish Utama (should be Utara), arus perkasa (should be perdana), 31 Mei (should be 13 Mei), Denmark Sudan (absolutely wrong) etc etc etc... I didn't score full marks lah, but, funny things should be shared. Haha! Bad me!

Next, it's Mr. YB's turn.

As I mentioned earlier, his cute factor has been risen threefold this semester.

Today, for some-reason-which-I-don't-know-what-is-it, he has been so happy during his 2 hours lecture class. You can just tell from his never-fade giggle, his jokes, his way of talking etc. Sound so happy and funny.

Among some of the jokes he told today, I remembered one the most. The one about adam's apple. According to him, birds replace their 'adam's apple' every season, so their chirping is different every season. However, human's adam's apple is non-replacable. So! Even if the transexual person had their 'thing' removed, with breast implant, hormone injection and stuffs,
'Suara tetap maintain~'

HaHAhahahHahHAhAHHA (Well, those who went to his class only can understand the joke, because the funny part was the way he said that statement. Simply uber cute!)

Finally, Mr. M's turn.

We had his second night class in Muhibah (that made me had to cancel badminton session!!! Beh song)

For some reason, he tends to be a little less serious and a little more funnier in night class than he is during the day time.

Can't remember how did he relate his story with our lecture tonight, he told us about some of his UM jokes with us.

His FYP during that time was a colaboration work with another Korean guy, known as Johnny. Below is their dialog some time ago:

M:"Where are you going later?" (the sentence structure is something like that I can't remember the actual sentence)
J:"What is Where?"
M,in the heart:"Ahhhh Sudah! -______________________-"

And some other jokes too. The only thing I knew, we laughed quite a lot tonight.

Oh yeah...

Last but not least,



Happy 25th! I love you! And you getting older than me and my bro-in-law-to-be now. ^^

I can't promise 'that thing' yet because my plans keep changing. =( Anyway, Shien so-called 'scolded' me already, so no matter what, I must kasi muka kat my Kai Jie for her special day, so I'll work my best for you!


Jasmine * said…
Rui and I have discussed, and we came to a conclusion that if you can't make it, it's okay, THERE'S ALWAYS THE MALAYSIA ONE!!!!!!!!Make sure you don't miss that :)

We can't really expect people to spend such a whole lump sum of money just to come here for 'that' :) I hope you girls give the guys a hard time (during game time) in ... probably KL!? :D

Thank you for the birthday wish!!!!!!! I'm not the only one here nah....
*Nee* said…
Alrite!!! I certainly wont miss that if you really gonna do it in Malaysia! Even if it's at Tawau also no problem my dear~ Hahahhaha!

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