Special date.

090909 090909

Once in a life time.

I received daddy's sms on 9.29am (Nice Timing!!) informing us of their 30th Wedding Anniversary!

And all these years I thought their Anniversary is on 5th Oct as it said so in their wedding album. LoL

Congratulation Mum & Dad!!!

I received a sms from Xiong Hui 3 minutes earlier (9.06am), and 1 minute later from Lim Tino (9.10am), and I received many more from other friends at different timing.

Happy 090909 everyone!

Although it is just another ordinary day in my life. LoL


tino said…
mi ka wa kong seng...
pa kiu wa be nombor nia...
*Nee* said…
adui.... bo bat gong, so lang ma bo bat zai lo~ wa si kua diok wedding album sia 5th Oct, so wa ma sikong si 5th Oct lo... =.=

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