Maxis Broadband Overview

Have been using this baby for three weeks now in Perlis.

Comment: Awesome!!

Ok lah maybe it is not capable to do the 'illegal' stuffs (you know what I mean), however, so far, watching youtube, playing FB games, signing in MSN etc have not been a problem for me.

I compare the service with Celcom Broadband which owned by Adik.

As you might or might not know, UniMAP is the 'famous' ahem public university which has distributed campus all over Perlis. So far, I've been trying the broadband service in places where I hang out the most: hostel, labs, and classes.

Adik says her BB has different signals in different places, there's even difference when she uses it in different rooms in one hostel! And the signal ain't strong too in Dragon's lab. Unlike Celcom BB, Maxis BB has a constant speed no matter where I am. With Maxis, I get the same speed where I go, in Perlis particularly.

I was told that Celcom and Maxis use the same line for both handphone users and broadband, therefore it will influence the rate of internet speed according to the service user in the particular place. So this eventually explained why it was super slow when I tried it in PJ SS2, and high speed in Perlis.

OK I admit I don't understand the networking terms like HSDPA thing etc, and don't ask me about the monthly payment because dad said it's free for 4 months O.o And I don't even know why the data volume increases rapidly within one week while what have I do is playing FB games and viewing some websites... =.=

One more thing about using Maxis Broadband instead of University's LAN:

No More 'Access Denied'!!!



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