Mummy's Job Task

One of Mummy's job tasks is to mark SPM English Paper. This would be one of her busiest and fuzziest moments along a whole year. I mentioned once about her marking paper thing last year, so I'm going to talk about it again this year.

She had her meeting starting yesterday, and it will last for few days.

Last night, she let us (San jie and I) read some of the answer sheets. (not sure this is a private and confidential terms apply anot, and every year, there's must be very funneh stuffs for me to laugh to, so...)

I didn't read the questions throughoutly. One of the essay writing titles is a one word title: 'Stars'. Well, mum thinks that it should be one of the questions that that particular school spotted, and the whole batch of form 5 students of that particular school were given the same hint/idea by the teacher(s). Because, she said for a 40something papers, only 1 or 2 are writing this stars as a different individual, and the other 40something are writing this stars as a 'BIRD', can you try to imagine that? Mum said she didn't even finish browsing the answer sheets yet, but for the first 50 that she's reading, it's all the same subject: bird.

The whole idea that they were given is like this: put the one-word-title as a bird - bird lives in a nest - the nest is on the tree - bird eats worm given by mama bird - bird learns to fly using wing - the end.

Therefore, the whole batch of form 5 students of that particular school are writing the same thing, except for the 1 or 2 students, that is 'Stars is a bird'. Weird part is, how come 'Stars' is a 'He' instead of 'She'? ...Weird

PS from others to me: Who are you to laugh people hah??? You thought your England level so damn good, you can laugh at people izzit?? SKB!

Ok I know I know. I'm sorry.

There's few examples that I read last night, that makes me laughed until my stomach cramped:

1. Stars is a bird. Stars live in the nest. The nest is on tree. Stars is one month old. He is very small. Mama Stars fly back to nest. She has something for Stars. It is a warm. Mama Stars gives warm to Stars. Stars eats worm. Mam Stars looking at Stars. Mama Stars is very happy. Mama Stars teach Stars to fly. 'Don't look down' Mama Stars says. Stars very small, Stars fell down undergrund. etc etc I can't really remember

2. Stars is a bird. He lives in the nest. The nest is in the three. He eats worms. He learns fly use wings.


Random story time:
On my German paper, we were asked to write 2 essays: Meine Familie (My Family) and Mein beste Freund / Freundin (My best male friend / female friend).

Well, writing about my family is not a big problem for me, as we learnt about that in class before. I just need to change the terms here and there, replacing my dad's and mum's occupations, age, my sisters' occupations etc, and the best part is, 'It's all facts!' Hahahaha

When it comes to writing about my best friend, this title did give me troubles. When I thought of this friend, I would stuck somewhere when I was out of deutsch vocabulary. When I thought of that friend, I would stuck somewhere when I was lack of rephrasing the sentences in deutsch way. So, it ended up I wrote about my imaginary friend, Erika, who I went to school with her for 11 years, she has 3 big dogs, she likes sports and plays badminton, she plays piano and violin, she now stays in Sarawak working in a hospital and we chatted online in our free time. Haha!


tino said…
li bo lai KL zo hui kak san jie and MI??

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