Photo-post (2)

Yay!!! Pictures time!!!

Let's go!

1. Still at hostel. Messy+untidy+didn't-touch-up-yet look

2. OK! Touched up bit-bit already~ Hird and I in da bus

3. Self posing in da hotel toilet first

4. Posing at the entrance first

5. Dinner's theme.

6. Table nombor dua

7. Our wakil pengerusi rancangan ^^ giving speech

8. Makan time! Fish and prawn.

The latter cuisines were speechlessly not nice =.="

9. King and Queen of the night ^^

10. Potong-Cake ceremony

11. etc etc etc...

Nadeeya, Alimin, me, Zainal Abidin and Su

Us with our RPS Encik Zulkarnay and his wife ^^ (blurred)

Us with our RPS Encik Zulkarnay and his wife ^^ (fixed)

Group photo at the hotel front door

HahaHHAhaHahhaH! Kenot tahan laughing while they're taking this photo. Orang yang berkenaan will understand the funny part inside this photo
En. Megat and En. Hanafi

HAHHAHAhhahahahAHhAh! This one too!!
En. Hanafi

En. Megat

Hmm... I wonder why we all posing furiously here...

Girls Posing Hiao-ly

Nee posing more Hiao-ly

Nee posing furiously

Nee posing in da lift

Us doing the Karen Cheng

Big group (blurred)

Big group (clear)

Nee posing again

Random pictar time:

*The 'O'* ^^


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