Home-staying spoilt brat

I've back in KayBee for 4 days now.

OH YEAH! First of all...

*Happy Birthday to See Yan and Emie Nadieya*


Even though they might not be seeing my blog +.+

Staying at home in a raining season makes one a serious lazy bone. For the past few days, I woke up at 11am, wearing pyjamas all day long, sitting in front of PC watching YouTube, and sitting in front of TV watching Astro.

Home PC has start up problems, Haiz something goes wrong somewhere on the motherboard or RAM already (btw, the RAM is 512MB while using Window Vista. Yes I know I know. Told dad about that ady.)

The TMNut Streamyx at home suxx to the max too, I had problems loading lowyat.net, reflexive, hotmail, yahoo, facebook, and even Google and my own blog! Ches~
However, I managed to finish one whole episode of LoveLetter Season 1 featuring ShinHwa, ShinChun and gorgeous Han Ga In (Witch Yoo Hee) and Ha Ji Won (What Happened In Bali). =)

Raining season is boring, as you will feel so lazy to go out to make yourself wet and/or will end up sick. Same theory goes to me. I am so lazy, the harta karun I brought back from uni are all still packed up neatly in the luggages yet. Yesterday I was so energetic to unpack my things, beginning with re-arranging my display window to free some spaces for more display stuffs, my mum asked me to leave my room first so that she can mop the floor and prepare the set-up of her 'tuition centre'. So I was automatically demotivated, went down stairs and start watching TV and loading YouTube again. Adui~~~

Today, Ah Hah the sun is out finally! CoCo Lim went out for sun-bathing. Mommy is clearing up one of the tables in our living room, choosing which 'junks' to be thrown and kept. So I better leave my ass off the computer chair and unpack my stuffs instead. Keep on moving before the motivation bid farewell again. Bye~~~

*Home sweet home ver. 2*


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