Coco's vet visit

Since I came back home, our family dog Coco Lim seemed upset.

Mum said Coco's finger grows too long unstopable, her nail eventually curved and circled around her tiny little finger and penetrates through her flesh.

Well, my phone's camera's resolution ain't that good, but we can actually see the nail came out through the flesh and her finger was swollen, seriously. Pain huh?

Of course she can feel the pain herself, so she licked her painful finger all the time.

The other leg's finger's condition is better, but the nail is growing as well, required some attention.

Not that we're not doing anything about this, but whenever my mom and I wanna do the 'operation' on her by cutting her nails, she can sense our evil plan, whining and crying so pathetically, and of course struggled as if we are going to take her live. Haiz~

So, today, we decided to bring her to the vet. Along the journey, she seemed puzzled and I think she's wondering:"Where the heck this two devils gonna take me to??"

When we were at the vet, I carried her into the clinic. Gosh she is stink badly.

The vet didn't give her any aesthetic medicine, so when he was doing his job, we had to hold her down hard as she struggled. I felt sad and pain for her side, I almost cried!

When the whole thing was finally done, the vet gave her two shots on the back, and everything done! Cost RM22.

On our way back home, Coco was angry to us because we bullied her and made her pain, she didn't want to manja with me. =(

Now she's better, sleeping under my car.


tino said…
coco pun lao liao la. wa hijik mui mi coco gui hui, mi kong yinggai si wu 7,8 hui liao.

kesie ka e kong "chang tong bu ru duan tong" lo

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