Dentist day

Lately my teeth have swollen bit-bit, pain bit-bit and itchy bit-bit, so today I went to Klinik Pergigian Kian at Kangar to check my teeth.

When I went there, the clinic seemed quite empty (only 2-3 people around), so I thought I won't be waiting so long...

mana tau.....

I waited for about 2 hours!!! When it was finally my turn, the nurse called me in. After some checking, the dentist said my teeth is ok, but just a lil dirty, need to be cleaned, or in specific term 'Scaling'.

But then before he started his work, he told me:"Will bleed bit bit nah..."

Bleed = very bloody painful

Dengz he didn't expect I never do scaling before izzit? Apasai mention that to scare me!?

So there he goes, with the machinery and tools, he raped my teeth. Well, it was not that painful as I thought, but the water almost make me choke, and the 'yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' and 'tzzzzzzzzzzz' sound were so creepy and loud. AH I hate that sound! Summore the dentist kept on talking to me (or to the nurse I'm not sure) when he was doing his job, where I heard nothing coz the sound of the tools covered his voice thoroughly. *slap forehead*

When the water and my saliva choked me, I gargled and gosh so much blood neh~~

Afterwards he repaired my front tooth's dental filling because he said the filling is falling off and uncover some black spot.

After everything was done, my teeth felt abit weird and itchy, 赤裸裸的感觉 :D

This everything cost me RM65. OH, include the interdental brush that the dentist recommended me to use, is RM75.

Apasai UniMAP don't have any panel dental clinic leh?? Dental thingy is very pricey de leh... :(

From now on, I should take good care of my teeth lak. Gosh I hate dentist!

Oh yes talking about dentist, I wanna bring up one short story. When I was a kid, I used to see this particular dentist in Tanah Merah quite frequently. I dono why but I think I'm the one who had so much trouble with my teeth, that I am the only one who see him so often. Everytime I went to his clinic, sure kena shot, then my mouth will become numb, and then he would start to make me pain by raping my teeth =(
That period of time was kinda a nightmare for me, so terrible until I was so phobia when my mum dragged me to the clinic again. Things got better when I entered secondary school, and I never see him ever since.
When I knew YanQing and I got to know that he is a good friend of one of my not-so-friend secondary-school friend ZhiKoon, I was so surprise that the dentist I hated is actually ZhiKoon's dad!! (O_o)

End of story. =) (what a jilakat bad ending)


Lim tino said…
eh..hile lang se han a si li takbai pun ki clinic, wa masi a ki lui...
pasa li tak pai ki liao clinic, MI or a ma pun a hiao cui lang ki roti diam beh ming gia:p

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