Balik Kampung

At 1.30am on Friday, I together with 4 friends (As, Amy, Zik and Saiful) baliked kampung by my DAW. We planned to convoi with another car, but due to some circumstances, we departed first.

It's my first time driving long journey in midnight. It's tiring yet adventurous!

When we're on the way to Alor Star, I ran away one rat and one snake -___-

Along this long journey, there were a lot of road blocks, guarded by the polices and JPJ people. There was this one road block made us super frustrated and BS. When that officer (I'm not sure he is a police or soldier or JPJ people as we can recognise his uniform) stopped us and ask us things, waliao super impolite neh!!! Here goes the conversation:

He: Nak pergi mana lewat2 malam ni?
Us: Balik kampung encik.
He: Balik mana?
Us: Kelantan.
He: Tau lah Kelantan! (with a supreme BS and palia facial expression) Kelantan mana?
Us: ... ... ... *speechless* Kota Bharu.
He: OK. Bergerak.

Waliao we mana tau YOU actually know the districts in Kelantan jek!?!?!??! Summore his expression is the most unforgivable!! Not even smiling is one thing, the expression is like saying "Cis Budak Kecik balik kampung lewat2 malam bodoh ape"



We lost for a little while in SP, but luckily it's midnight there were not even 2 cars in 10 metres distance, and luckily Zik and Saiful remembered the bus's route, so we were able to go to the right track, leading us to Kuala Ketil.

I drove for straight 4 hours++ and about 300+++km. Not that no one want to or can drive beside me in the car, but I super like to bertahan, so just let it be lah. It was a smooth journey as there were very few vehicles on the road. The vehicles most seen is lorries and trailers.

Surprisingly I was tired but not in sleepyness mode. My eyes didn't feel like closing down, but sometimes my mind would fly away for a little while. Then I thought I am a super power girl.

BUT too bad I was so wrong. When we stopped by a Musalla in Jeli, I switched off the engine and 'POMP' straight away my whole body set into power off mode. Slowly I dragged myself to the back seat and sleep straight away. YAY!

Then when I was deeply asleep, they said we were stopped by JPJ road block again, and the officer asked us to put on our back seat belt. Ofcoz no one listen to him. HAHA!

We safely arrived KB at about 8am.

Random pictar time:

This is my tea time meal at home =)

Home is the root of weight gain, not Appeleton


Happy holiday =)


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