I first knew this chocolate through a friend, Siew Wai, one of the famous twin sisters in our school, around form 2 or 3 (I think >.<). I forgot how we jumped into this chocolate topic, it just happen like that. Then I went to The Store A&W to buy this chocolate. Gosh it was pricey! And it is even more expensive now! >.<

Out of sudden, the chocolate was not available in the supermarket anymore. I searched it around the supermarkets in KB, but found none. This made me sad for a short period of time. I tried to replace its top ranking in my Hall-Of-Chocolate-Fame with Ferrero Rocher, but... Nah... It still the best.

Until few years back, I found this fella in the airport's free duty zone, the price is even more pricey than before. So whenever anyone going to airport, who will pass through the free duty area, I'll tumpang them to buy it for me. Even Pengkalan Kubor, Rantau Panjang and Padang Besar also hardly got the stocks leh... Adui...

Last weekend, I went to one-day-trip Langkawi with LiCiCi. After going around the island, we stopped by at the WildLife Park and shopped at the free duty shop there. I found this! And again, the price is so damn high. Almost RM1.50 per piece. But what the heck, I really gonna taste it already!! So I bought one box. There's another box, RM19.90, 24 pieces inside, but I didn't buy that coz I'm coughing (cannot eat much of this stuffs) and I don't have fridge in hostel to keep it cold.

I bought a big packet of M&M too! Yummy Yay!!!


Lim Tino said…
hi ko LiCiCi si "gege"??? :0
*Nee* said…
yes... hiko LiCiCi dio si gege... hasu?
lim tino said…
bo hasu.....sajo tanyo khabar :p

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