Die Nine-Lives Katze

Die Katze is The Cat in deutsch aka German.

Alrite back to the story. After seeing the dentist, I went to have lunch and walking around to buy newspapers since Cik Hirdanna was waiting her turn to see the doctor (she had a long wait too... Duh...).

When I bought the paper new The Store's KFC and about to walk back to the clinic, I heard a loud cat's cry, a car was reversing and eventually the tires were running over it. :o

Sound terrible right?

I was so shocked and stunted when I saw that. It was like you were laying on the ground, and a car's front tire ran over your waist when reversing. Yike!

Well, luckily and amazingly, the cat didn't die. There's this other cat (I think they are siblings coz they look alike) standing just a few feet away from the victim, but it didn't do anything to help or assist the poor cat.

I watched the cat stood up and tried to take a few steps, but it seemed like his back legs are disoriented and its waist could not support his legs' movement any longer, it fell down few times and tripped into a shallow dry drain and it just sat there.

Rain started to come and yet it did not standing up at all. I almost cry watching it sitting in the drain but I was too stunted I did not know what to do to help that poor thing.

Then when I finally decided to move forward to hold it up for a safer place or at least a shelter to avoid the rain, it stood up, walking steadily to a shelter like nothing ever happened.

Gosh I had tears rolling in my eyes leh seeing this. Then I mumbling to myself:"猫真的有九条命"

There's one chinese saying 猫有九条命 which means cats have nine lives. Even if they fall from a very tall area, they won't die because they have nine lives to spare. I never really see that happen until today. That cat seriously mesmerize me!


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