The Chronicle of Creative Zen Micro - 3

Last week, I planned to bring my Micro along with me to Taekwando, so I slipped that fella into my bag.

Accidently, I slipped it too deep, and it got 'tangled' with the blue and green belt inside my bag, which I couldn't find it all the way from Kampung Wai to Wang Ulu.

That time, I thought:"Well, what the heck. Maybe I don't put in inside the bag afterall leh."

Then, when I was pulling out the green belt, something flew out. It's the Micro.

Accidently, I 'threw' it out and smacked down.

AH!!! Oh NO!!!

My thought of what will gonna happen came true..... again.....

It freezes at the Creative display (again) and got that 'zi zi zi zi' sound from inside it (again)

OMG I was so sad! And this time I'm not gonna pay a cent to fix it.

So this morning, I googled for solution.

And I found this: "step 1- hold Micro in less dominant hand. step 2- with dominant hand, hit Micro on side---hard. Problem SHOULD be fixed!" It REALY works!!"

I tried for the first time, failed. Then second time, failed again.

Before I planned to give up, I tried for the third time.

I switched it on, listening to the sound inside the Micro from the back, and I heard something 'different'. It sounds like something is clicking back in place, then some 'click's here and there, and WA LA! Working charmingly now.

So darn happy neh~

Random pictar time:

Yeah lah I know it might be too late for me to start watching this series. Anyway, hell yeah it is so good!!! But people tell me 'Prison Break' is better. Geez need to empty up some space in HDD for this and jia hao yue yuan liao. -_-


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