Birthday wish post

1. *Happy Birthday to 洁士敏*

The day when America 911 happened, Jasmine and her parents invited Shien and I for a dinner at Wakaf Bharu ^^

This year is our 11st friendshipesary. Hope you at Queensland, Aussie always be hua hua hee hee, peng peng an an, soon soon li li, tan tua lui....... =)

2. *Happy Birthday to Oh-Leng-Gie*

I knew this fella in German class, but I've heard his BIG NAME many times from KarLin and PeiSia. I don't think he knows my blog's existance, anyway, this wish is to him, and I managed to wish him as we bumped into him and 雄俊 in the crossroad of muhibah and dragon.

Random pictar time:
I was at Hospital Kangar with friend to fetch a friend who was discharged this afternoon. While we waited for her to settle her bills, I saw this.

Wow!! Charges for warganegara asing is 3 or 4 or 5 times more than warganegara Malaysia leh... Dengz~ I must pray hard not to get sick when in overseas =(


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