Ich bin ein wenig gelber Bär. Ich wurde von den Vater von Huey Nee gekauft.
I am a little yellow bear. I was purchased by Huey Nee's father.

Mein Eigentümer Huey Nee hat mich zu ihrem Daumenantrieb befestigt.
My owner Huey Nee attached me to her thumb drive.

Sie hat immer mich außerhalb des Bleistiftskastens gestellt. Ich frage mich warum.
She always put me outside the pencil box. I wonder why.

So manchmal bin ich in geschlichen.
So, sometimes, I sneaked in.

Und, manchmal, Ich bin geschlichen so indem ich spionieren prüfen muss wenn wird Huey Nee erscheint.
And, sometimes, I sneaked so in that I need to spy to check when will Huey Nee appear.


OK lah I admit I just copy-pasta to and fro freetranslation.com. So I'm not really sure whether the whole deutsch version's story is understandable anot. Aber still, I understand some of the words though. Anyway. I'll try to do it myself next time.

Another random pictar time:

Es war einmal dies
It was once this.

Jetzt ist es dies!!
Now, it's this!!

Lim tino, if you are seeing this, the blue belt is actually yours. I 'borrowed' it because I don't want to spend RM10 for a new belt. Sorry for didn't ask for your permisson first. -_-"



...and guess what? This counter strike is in deutsch leh when in a map.


Even the radio command is... -_____-"

Die anti-Terror-Gruppe hat gewonnen!

Counter Terrorist Win!!


Lim Tino said…
wa!!! ane kin de blue belt liao. ko 3 bai grading ma black tip liao lo....zhe eh te black belt liao, li hai gui wa lui ler...haha..
yong la, yong la, wa masi bang diao hipeng nia...

ko si kong li ki french class, ane kin te a hiao kong french liao
*Nee* said…
pasa lang eh examiner cincai mah... takbai grading pon bo bat fail gui lang... goh ho lang double triple fourple promotion lui.. wu 1-2 ko an white belt tiao ki blue stripe lui.. li kong li hai bo?

si german la... :p wa masi bua tang zui (半桶水) nia...
tino said…
wah....ane ho liao!
wa pak ane zhe ni, pun gaso baru giak tiuk double nia...bo lang giak gui triple!
li a cikgu ko wu ho forple lui nuh!!! jin jia ho liao!!!

patu li a ki kaliao pattern liao?

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