Last saturday we have this Ceramah Etika & Latihan blahblahblah thingy at Bangunan KWSP. The speakers were people from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. As our VC Datuk K was coming to merasmikan this ceramah, we were asked to wear formal attire. So everyone was so formal that day, excluding this 'particular' lecturer (those who were there will know who am I talking about huh?)

I was wearing the baju kurung I wear for the third or fourth time. Everyone was so surprise coz they never see me this way, everyone was praising me, I was so adorable that day.

Adui! Super beh tahan this Si-Ai-Bin fella started to Hao Lian again! Someone please whack her head!

VC came around 12 noon, and gave us a 'simple' speech. He said about organizing a trip for us to a Uni in Bangkok for a visit, asked us to contribute bit-bit and Uni will help contribute bit-bit to make this plan worked!

I so hope his word boleh pakai one, not just another empty cheque...

When VC was giving his speech, I wa particularly beh song with this 'particular' lecturer who were standing behind the VC. I'm not gonna elaborate much coz I will use bad words and that is so no good during fasting month.

*finger crossed*

After the ceramah, we went to Hospital Kangar for a visit. The person-in-charge brought us to Patology lab to see the centrifuges and stuffs there. It was kinda weird coz we didn't get involved with lab equipments that much. I mean, almost none. But what the heck. I got the chance to see a premature baby corpse and female reproduction system! OMG our Uterus is so small! How can a baby actually stuck inside that poor thing... hmm...

Random pictar time:
I did this quiz I found from Josephine's blog, and I am Alice as in Alice in Wonderland!

Means I need to stop daydream so much already lor~ Or else our of nowhere I will bump into strange people and strange world.

Have you fallen down the rabbit hole lately? Or played croquet with a deck of cards? Either way, you're so very much like Alice! Her wild imagination and constant ability to daydream got her in so much trouble - you've probably heard your mother or teacher lecture you about having your head in the clouds! Remember to stay grounded most of the time, however, because life can get away from you when you're always dreaming about someplace else!


Jo said…
lol i din know u bookmarked my blog *shy*

actually my first quiz result was alice too..then i redo and it became belle :P
*Nee* said…
haha... I passed by to see got any updated blogs mah =p

My first quiz result was Violet, then second time is Alice... Hehe...

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