Biomedic 1st batch Grand Dinner + Ipoh trip

GGggRrrRrrrrrr........ The hostel network line is so suxx!!! Even though Kampung Wai is almost deserted right now, the line is still so suck~ I couldn't upload pictures!!! =( So I'll begin this story with pictures coming after-afterwards lar, just in case before I forgot anything.

The dinner was on 13 Nov, held at Regency Hotel, Alor Star. IT WAS SUCH A GREAT FUN!

The day began quite sucky-ly, but my job of borrowing the projector and microphone was done, smoothly.

In the morning, we went to Dragon to collect our LI logbook and my offer letter and some briefing regarding LI matter. I spent the whole evening with Hird to gao dim the dinner's slide show. I tell you, the effect was splendid! Wakkakakak! Everyone likes it! We're so proud and happy!

The bus came about 5.30pm. And as I said earlier, everyone was so prepared, they looked so gorgeous and stunning that night.

I sat at table no.2, with the chinese girls. Our dinner menu was a chinese course menu, as usual lar got four season 冷盘, prawn, fish, Brocolli with black mushroom 香菇, pineapple fried rice and Shanghai Pancake. I laughed and said to Hird who sat at the same table with me:"Haiz, you guys will be hungry ady, coz we will win in kepit-ing the dishes! Wakakakak" because the utensiles on the table were chopsticks =p Anyway it's still ok for us (me, Hird and Adik) lar as we had McD first before the dinner began.

AND we felt so lucky to have the McD before dinner! Gosh the dishes was =.="'. The four season, prawn and siakap (fish) were OK, but when it came to Brocolli with xiang gu, aiyer!!! The xiang gu was tasteless!! The fried rice wa even worse! Worse than the cafe next to my hostel. =.="

Then there's cake cutting ceremony for the lecturers, and group photos with everyone in it. No fun lar still cannot upload photo =( Network Error WTF!!

The most happening event of that night belongs to the King and Queen of the Night!!! Wakakkakak it was so fun that we finally had a chance to kenakan our lecturer. =p On that night, the "King" En. Megat was wearing a full set of Baju Melayu, while the Queen, Izzah, not only wearing a set of Baju Kebaya which 99% suit with En. Megat's attire, her 'full set' dress almost like a bride!! While they were standing in front for us to take pictures, gosh it so like a wedding ceremony. =D Picture will have a better view of how funny about it.

After every courses had been served and came to an end, pictures taking events began. There were whole lot of funny stuffs when taking pictures with coursemates and lecturers. Gosh I'll be missing them so much!

When we were at the ground flour, there's a big mirror next to the reception counter. KarLin suggested to Do The Karen Cheng. It was fun too having everyone standing in front of the large mirror to take pictures =)

*Blog is so bored without photos =(*

On the next day, I went to Ipoh for a walk-walk and to fill the long gap between Control and German language paper. I finally get to meet this 'long-lost' friend who I haven't seen him for 2 years++. Gosh that fella was gaining so much fat neh~ There's nothing much I do at Ipoh for those 2 days, just some eating and walking around the town. I get a chance to go into TLDM base too! Seeing the huge TLDM ships for the first time upclose-ly was amusing~

Now back to Kampung Wai, everyone already leaving this kampung =( OK la, better continue my drama before I feel the loneliness again.


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