I wanna go home =(

Today can consider as our course's LAST DAY of final.

Control is our last core subjects' paper. (OH! btw, forgot to cerita bit-bit about today's exam. Well, control can also be considered as the mind-bending subject. It's more or less like maths. Today's condition not that bad, just hope I eliminated all the silly mistakes I've done in tuto and assignments etc lah~ As said if she gets an A for this, she'll make us Pulut Kuning. Yay got pulut mujur to eat liao! ^^ I hope for an A too *Finger crossed*) Those who registered BI Uni, today would be the last day of their final too. Jehles!!

So, the most heart-breaking question for today is:"When will u be back home ah??" =(

I can imagine how was my facial emotions then. "OH you still got German hor..." They all laughed! =(

Tak ape... Tak ape... I let you guys shiok first. Later on, you guys will miss me like shiat for the next 7 months!!! Wakakkakakakakak

Except for Seow JuJu who kirim salam through Hird to me lah. We'll be spending our 4 months together as en ai as we can Until then I'll teach her how to define miserable 'alphabetically'

*SiAiBin tumor is spreading...*

LI begins on 1st Dec. Even for those who go back early, they won't be able to enjoy the holiday so long. Not to mention me who still got paper on 21st. After all the studying suffer, we'll be entering working environment pulak dah... HKB's Radicare office quite near to pharmacy department leh... Hmmmm can ngorat anak dara orang dah

Ok lah. Better start off the dinner slide show thingy now. Aiks didn't do anything useful since evening.

OH btw, tomorrow night our course will have a dinner at Regency Hotel Alor Star ^^ I heard that many of them will prepare themselves as jangok-ly as they can leh So don't I, becaue my jangok attire is seriously not suitable to this occasion, so.... it will be as decent as it can be la hah...


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