Control Arghhh!!

Finally, the most nanya subject has arrived!

Today I had ENT 312 Biomedical blahblahblah Safety paper. Well as usual lah, before the exam begins, sure got alot of those lil butterflies conquering my stomach. Gan Jeong neh~!! This time, answering this paper ain't as smooth as the other papers. I got stucked all way long. Summore I never expect LCC will come out! Ches I hate LCC!! (LCC here means Life Cycle Cost). Sigh~ I think En. YB expects the questions are easy for us and we can answer it as fast as he thought, mana tau he tersilap kira dah~ Su even went to toilet to cry one round then returned back to continue answering. =(

Tomorrow will be Biomedical Control System pulak~ help me argh!!! I got no heart to do any revision at all argh!!! =(

*I need a break*


tino said…
ane kang ko??

kosi kong li kong LCC gege...mana tau.. |||
tino again said…
oh...good luck nah ^^
*Nee* said…
ai ko liao liao loh!! ^^

boleh tahan lah... ai kong kang ko, answer si a answer eh, tapi lecturer anzua kuan geh koh jua deh bozai liao la... kalu ho ma geh koleng marks pun boleh tahan jugok ^^

wa post beh diok comment dua li a blog leh =.=
tino pulok said… space wu si kak dene tampok

tan mi bai 1 lai kl kao bai4...wa koleng cua gewe tu mi...tapi bozai ler...hmm....
*Nee* said…
oh!!! mi ki KL koh? Ches~

chua chut lai lo, ho mi and daddy kua jit eh, kua wu hamik comment :p

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