First day of Final...

...and we kena attacked and bullied by a gang of uncivil samseng monkeys!!!

Today's papers were not bad. Most of the tips kena one! Especially TITAS!!! I never answer a test in such confidence way before!! If only last time SPM Sejarah got such kao-kao tips, sure I'll get better grades ^^ But then hor whoever sit a test in Dewan 2020 before sure know that hall is the COLDEST hall in the world. My fingers nearly cramped during the paper, coz this paper was all about writing, and non-stop writing. Ches~

Answering Artificial Organ is 50/50. I think what I wrote in the result sheets are 'almost' alright ady, but who knows~ Better don't put too much hope first.

I love my lecturers so much for giving such valuable tips~

But then not sure how's the marks la... Answering it is ok, but something goes wrong somewhere in giving it marks. You know la, if the lecturer is searching for your mistakes instead of monitoring our understanding level...~ Sigh watsoever la, I did all I can and all I best in already, everything after that just my nasib~ Oh NasibKu~~

Talking about the monkeys now!!!

Behind Dewan 2020 is a bukit, a nice place for jogging, exercising etc. The name is Bukit Chende-blahblah-I-forgot-liao-. We have been planned since 2nd year to come here one day for a nice evening walk session, but then hor, HAHA~

After TITAS, Hird, Adik and I went there to defragment our brain, deleting AO and TITAS to free some spaces for Thinking Skill and Biomaterial stuffs. We stopped by a junk-food van to buy junk foods, drinks and rojak.

Then we spotted a huge bunch of monkeys wandering around the park. We thought they are harmless so we try to walk through their area slowly and carefully as it can be.

Manatau they spotted our food too! FOOD! Then they started to come closer and closer to us. I felt creepy jor lah then hurriedly jumped to a safety zone because my hands are holding coconut drinks and junkies. Adik was screaming and 'attempted' to frighten them with scream

Then alamak they already surrounding Hird and we were too helpless to help her from that worst case scenario. Hird was scared too, because they like snatch thieves for that bag of junkies. She then hurriedly threw the bag of junkies to the samsengs.

Unfortunately we couldn't walk through them to the other side of the park, because we still have food with us. So we just helplessly sitting at the corner of the van eating our junkies. Then got this one jilakat samseng quietly walked towards us, while peeping at our foods. Whatelse, run away liao la us!

Yi......... I hate monkeys!


tino said…
wu 1 bai family ki langkawi masi tu tiuk monkey...patu wa kua tuik wu 2 jiak ti ML...hehe
*Nee* said…
at least hi le monkeys boh attack lang, mind their own biz leh~ zhe leh si samseng lai :cry:

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