Movies I watched

1. 4bia or Phobia (2008)

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After the overwhelming Phobia 2, I watched 4bia the other day, alone in hostel (everyone's in the room) at the evening.

It is a 4-stories-in-1 movie, as per its title, and it's about revenge, nemesis, karma, friendship etc. The stories were rather make sense, the plots are good, but I don't really buy the effects. Make the movie too fake.

I would say, 4bia is scary, worth to watch, but I prefer Phobia 2 more.

2. The Mentalist

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Yup, it is a drama series. So?

I love Simon Baker! I never watched 'The Guardian' before, thus I don't know him until this series came along. After being so addicted to him, I watched few episodes of The Guardian and it was good.

I always love series about investigation and things like that. This series gives a different point of view about how the case is investigated, different from what CSI is doing. A little psycho, I would say? Hehe...

Finished the first season months ago, and I haven't start on the second season yet. People in forums say that season two ain't as good as the first season. :( Just wait and see...

2. Lie To Me

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Another series about crime investigation. This one gives another idea again.

It tells who is lying, and how. The eyes turning to one side, head tilting, raising eyebrows, fickle lips, frowning, whining, sighing, limbs movements, body motions etc etc etc... So many ways lah~ Too bad not only I'm not good in observing micro-expression, I'm not even good at macro! LoL.

I somehow like Dr. Cal Lightman's eyes, but not his stare, it looks freaky, and if he stares at me, I would tell him to stop because I will be paiseh. :p

Haven't started watching season 2 yet, hope it is as good as the first season.

3. CSI Season 10

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Season 10!!!

I'm so happy Sara is back!!!! I'm happy that she and Grissom is finally married!!! And I'm happy that Riley is gone from this series!!! :p I never liked her in the first place, summore questioning Catherine's leadership ability in her exit interview. Cheh~

I hope Grissom can come back for an episode or two. Just to show up, say hi, and he ha with the team, it will be great! Hehe~

I love the stronger bonding between the team members in this season, and Dr. Raymond Langston blend himself into the team too! :) The spirit of teamwork is soothing! The end of one episode where they were playing bowling together made me delighted, and it actually gave me a goosebump! LoL :p

4. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008)

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A story which at the beginning looks as plain as the pure friendship between two boys, turned out to be as horrible and sad when the ending gives a big slap on the audiences' face.

I always a fan of documentaries and movies about the holocaust and stuff. This one left me heartbreak, with innocence little children get involved into the horrible holocaust.

The movie sends a good message, and if you think you are unfortunate, watch this.

5. Glee

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One new series I just can't stop watching after the 1st episode. One new series that when I told people the title, they thought the series is 'geli' because the title is 'geli'. LoL.

I must say, I love every episode in this series! The songs, the plots, the dance, the characters, the conversation, everything! It would seem like a Bollywood-movie Broadway-style.

A relaxing and no thinking involved series, something that you need after a tiring or fucking day of working or studying, returned home or hostel, and stick your butt in front of laptop or computer or television (IF it is shown on TV) and feed yourselves with. It's like a chicken soup to your soul! :)

6. An American Crime (2007)

One of the hardest movies I watched so far, so 'heavy' even lopo wondered why did I watched it in the hot evening.

I think I have mentioned before that I like 'based on true events' movies and stories, but this one really make my heart breaks, so disturbing that I would want to slap the neighbours on the face for not trying to save the girl at all. The story line itself is already sad, being the fact that it is based on a true event makes the whole story worse.

This is a movie that should be in your MUST WATCH list, but, I would say, it's not for everyone.

7. The Horsemen (2009)

'Four Victims, Four painful secrets'

Yup, the statement sounds so true. At the beginning of the story, I predicted the ending, and it was 80% correct. Can I say I think Lou Taylor Pucci is cute? Hehe...

I think this movie is the mild version of Saw, there's similarities like torture, killing and stuff like that, but the storyline between these two movies is reverse. Saw is about revenge and killing the enemy, while this movie is about revenge and killing themselves in front of their 'enemy'. There's one line from Kristin (by Zhang ZiYi) eventually tell the plot of the whole story:"Would you rather be dead or live the rest of your life without your soulmate?"

Anyway, it's not as shocking as 'An American Crime' gave me.

8. The Neverending Story (1984)

One of my most favourite movies in my childhood time. Used to watched it few times on the national TV, and still likes it so much.

It tells the tale of a boy who day-dreams a lot and always being bullied by his schoolmates. Eventually, he became the hero in the story books he's reading: The Neverending Story. The song still fresh in my mind which I can hum randomly although I have not be seeing this movie for quite some time.

Last time, I used to thought that Falcor, the dragon, is actually a dog with a loooong body as it looks like one of my grandma's dogs, eh pek aka white-y. I felt annoyed and 'geli' of the scales on Falcor because I was convincing myself Falcor was a dog! However, after so many years, and after I watched it again as a 'grown-up adult' ahem, I can finally accept the fact that Falcor is a dragon with a doggy face.

If you want to see what's it like back in the 80's, watch this. :)


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