Going Backward

Everything seems to go backward this semester. I mean, the things we're studying now.

We're in the final year and final semester, but we are seeing stuffs like...

^...this - Biochemistry

^...this - Engineering Material

^...and this - Engineering Mechanics

Frankly, these three CORE subjects are actually First Year's subjects.

Reasons we're taking it now:

1. Us the Diploma dudes need to take the two 'Engineering Material' and 'Engineering Mechanics' subjects that really belong to First Year's syllabus as we cannot carry forward the credit hours. Things got a little sour in the middle due to mis-communication and conflicts on issues about this, but it is done now. Just pray hard this two subjects don't affect my pointer. *Finger crossed*

2. Biochemistry is also actually belong to First Year's subject. It is actually a new subject introduced in our syllabus, and we HAVE to graduate with 'Biochemistry' in our transcript (some blah blah about Biomedical Electronic Engineering thing), hence the subject is registered.

This roughly explains the backward thing.

Anyway, I'm not complaining lah~ It's just some huge adjustment has to be made on my brain so that I can cope better with this elementary subjects. After spending semesters and semesters with bombastic and mind-blowing subjects like Artificial Intelligent, Biological System Modeling, Instrumentation Design, Control System, Acts and Safety, Electromagnetic, Biomechanics etc etc etc etc, in the end, it's all back-to-basic. I'm ok in learning new things, but when it comes to rewind-back, my brain get clogged a little. Sigh~

However, I'm still happy lah because my favourite lecturer is teaching us! (You know WHO I mean ^.^), and the subject is somehow related to my FYP data analysis thing, so as he said 'Kiranya awak ni untung lah jugak sebab study subject ini sem ni.' Hahahhaha!

And, back-to-basic means we'll do labs and experiments that we have long left behind. (Plus, as we are the Final Year students, being in labs with PLVs and technicians who we are so familiar with make us hard to control and 无法无天! XD )

^Doing the force resolution thing...

^...at the freaking far-away Pauh!!!

^ 搞怪 while listening to the explanation by PLV

^The purpose of this picture is to make fun of the spec-y guy for being extremely serious like supervisor!

^Copying results...

During Biochemistry lab, I can hear something in my brain said:"Oh hey~ Haven't seen you for quite some time.'

I mean, really really long time.

^The glassy lab things...

^...and the beautifully blue Fehling solution.

Luckily I'm not the one who jot down the results as we need to describe the color of different samples after adding in different solution. My best sentence:"biru cerah sangat cantik and menarik". Haha!

One last thing about the subjects taken this sem:


Accounting!?!? What, was it Form Three since I last seen this stuff!? I can't even remember why I decided not to take Accounting paper during the SPM year although EVERYONE said it would guarantee an A in hand. And, it is just the first chapter in our Engineer in Society subject. Sien-ness overload~~

^Today's lesson: Journal and Ledger

Now I know why did I give it up. It's so 'painful' lah!! I would rather do the derivation thing than accounting, although accounting seems to be more practical than derivation. LoL.

Random Pictory Time:
1. About the accounting class, we have a lecturer from the PKKK department to teach us. I don't know her name =.= but she often gives us the chance to have a cold sweat or 三条线.

The first ever joke of the day she gave us was really =.=".

She wanted to show us how to look for annual reports in KLSE website the other day, and the conversation went like this (it sounds funnier in Malay):

A: "camne nak on9 kat cni..?"
B: "kat cni ade wireless puan.."
A: "wireless?mane wire nye?..."

Obviously, A is the lecturer loh~

Then, I found a quote from my favourite website, quite similar to the leng xiao hua.

Me: “Hi there, can I help you?”

Customer: “Oh, yes. I need a…” *looks a hand written list* “…wireless Ethernet cable?”

Me: “A…wireless cable?”

Customer: “Oh, do they not make them anymore?”

I contributed a joke too today in her class. Well I wasn't telling the joke to her lah of course. She was lecturing about how to do the Journal and Ledger thing, and in one of her example, the owner's name was Siti Malaysia. Manyak 'cantik' punya nama lah~ So, I had this idea of 'guessing' Siti Malaysia's father's name. His daughter is named Siti binti Malaysia. So his name would be Malaysia bin....

My best answer?

Malaysia bin Tanah Airku!!!

And, she kept staring at our place. I think because we made too much noise, and we didn't even bother to hide our junk food and ate in front of her! 0.O Final Year students.... Haih...

2. Sometimes, I can't really understand how do human think lah. Since the beginning of the semester, there's some male workers wandering the female hostels doing stuffs! Well, I didn't bother much until it really displeased me one day.

Few days back they have been drilling tiny holes around our house, for a good reason though - termite control. However, it was really annoying as you couldn't possibly do anything with that loud noises going on and off around the house! Ugh!!

One day, after we tiredly came back from class, some guys knocked on the door, asked us to move our stuffs which stayed near to the wall some inches away, so that they can drill holes and put in the termite bait. By that, it meant I have to move my whole room: my bed and closet!!! Plus my housemates' double decker bed and closets!!!

^The drilling thing going on and it's so noisy, I had a headache.

Luckily it didn't take so long. But then the nightmare struck again: I need to move back my stuffs. Ughh!!! Why can't the hostel management do all this things during the holiday!?!?! Menyusahkan hidup orang jeeeeee...

3. Careful, rumours can kill you!

Click here for clearer picture.

I love Mark Lee's blog! He talks particularly about fun facts going on in workplace and some tips for the newbie before entering the cruel world. Anyway, it's in Mandarin only.

4. Ada orang memang memahami *blush*

TAPI BLUR!!!!!! haiyaaaaaaaaaah....

Really need to train her how to use my camera correctly!!!


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