Bukit Kubu, Kuala Perlis

On Saturday morning, we went to a place where we had been to in Second Year First Semester and never ever since =.=

Hutan Lipur Bukit Kubu!!

It's located about 10-minutes walking distance from our hostel, much faster by car, but since the 'theme' is to exercise, by foot is better lah~

So, we woke up at 7am extremely odd for me because weekend is a good time to wake up naturally!! and the sky didn't even brighten up yet!

^rise and shine peeps!!

^waiting outside the hostel. I simply love the early morning breeze!! :)

^The river Sungai Perlis we'd pass by every single day.

Ok maybe not every single day. Sometimes, we get a chance to see some pretty awesome boats parked by the river side. But most of the time I need to pay extra attention on the road I couldn't see.

^The mini public library in Kuala Perlis.

Bukit Kubu is just behind this building. In fact, I think the hill is a series of mountain range which cross around Kuala Perlis and divide Thai-Malaysia. But that's just my opinion.

^We're here!

And our mission?

^Going up to the pavillion in red circle!

^The seemingly haunted stairs to go up.

Seeing and going up those stone stairs make me miss the time when I conquered HuangShan. :)

^Finally reach the top!

The pavilion is actually not so high, about 15 minutes of stair climbing. However, the view indeed aw-ed us. Looking from the top of a place where we've been staying for 3 years, is simple awesome, and we're saying goodbye to this place soon. Real soon...

After relaxing our panting breathe and had enough rest, we went down.

^Going down...

^Picture taken half way down. Aawww...

^Some odd trees we found at the bottom of the hill. The trunk has thorns!

^The narrow road to go in and out of the park.

^Morning sun is good for u!!

After that, we went for breakfast at the nearby stall, and walked back to hostel.

Our next mission: Gua Cenderawasih in Kangar that we had a bad memory of. =.=


Congratulations to Jasmine kai jie and Rui kai bro-in-law!!!

Finally tying the knot liao!!! Puas hati liao because teased Jas about farewell forever to her singlehood. Haha!


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