MMNE Hobby

Hobby-(ies) suppose to be what you like to do during your leisure time right?

Well, in my case, I have few hobbies that I love to do ALL THE TIME.

Thus the title: wonder what the hell is MMNE? Make-Me-Neglect-Everything Hobby

Lab reportSS to submit by next week? Nah~
Unfinished and half-sky-hanging FYP data analysis? Cheh~
Sitting beside a window where the hot-like-shit sun shone in? Duh~

Once I lay my hands on them, it's hard for me to stop. Unless suddenly I have some pathetic self-conscious and the feeling of regret, I'll put my MMNE hobby(ies) aside and pull in the serious stuff to start working on.

Too bad, the self-consciousness and regretness last about 30 seconds AT MOST, then MMNE hobby strikes in again. Sigh....

What have I been MMNE so much lately?

^Ta Da~

Just finished it this evening before went out for jogging (2010 resolution: jog/walk every evening!).

Now well hung with my handphone. Still have some problem about the side sewing thing, so might modify a bit more so that it won't fell off.

^Chubby chubby kiut~

^This one...

...finished weeksss ago, but don't want to just simply sew it by hand, so gonna take it back home and sew the side with sewing machine! Then I'll have another small bag that I don't really know what to do about it. yet.

Next task: To neglect more of everything? Or less?

^Which mean: Big project? Or small one?


OK lah mien geh geh liao lah let's just neglect more! What's the difference anyway? =.=

The size surprised me!!!

^Look at the cloth compared to my laptop!

Wuuuuu really is BIG project nuh!

Then I spotted this...

^...wrong spelling lah China~

Started to regret. Should have bought more when I was in China!!! Here selling si beh expensive leh~!! I saw one in SP Cinta shop name in my hometown, picture of cranes flying over a lake and waterfall, si beh beautiful lah!!! But selling at RM200 O.o jialat not? However, China's thread's quality ain't that good though~ yi fen qian yi fen huo lah dude~

Feeling of regret arose again because the lab module is right in front of me.


Random Pictory Time:
1. Typical university student's dinner:

^Instant noodle (with some add on), Cendol and a treat of drama series (Watching House MD Season 6. Si beh hor kua!!)

2. It's the time of the year again.

^Spot the black dusts?

The paddy field owner don't know what to do with the residues when they prepare for the next plant, they just burn the rest of stuffs on the paddy field.

Thus, the black dusts attack! It's everywhere! On your clothes, your food, your shoes, your doors, your windows, your corridor, curtains, EVERYWHERE!

Outdoor laundry hanging also got risk. Within minutes, your clothes will be attacked by the black dusts. Yiiiiiii~

Then I heard somemore disgusting stuff. After they burnt the whole thing down, one big tractor will come and dig everything up, and process those stuffs into sugar. Imagine all those snakes and rodents and fishes and donno-what-else.... Yiiiiii!!

Anyway, I survived for few semesters liao. One more sem? Sap sap water lah~

3. Some request for whoever is kind enough to do good things pahala tau??.

^I want can?

No need big big lah... Small ones will do. Preferably in one pair lah, because they are very shy creatures, so a companion is recommended. I prepare the rest no worries, I just need two of that.

And NO, I want this is NOT because of 'G-force' nah mind you...

And, It's guinea pig, not rabbit.

Have been eyeing for this creatures since Poli, but never get the luck.

I know my birthday is in October, but there's always a vacancy for graduation present noh?? *wink wink*


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