Sum of what I did today

1. Finished editing the data of 16 subjects for my final year project (+1), don't have a clue or idea on analyzing the data (-1)

2. Unintentionally found out me and a person, whom I least expected, share the same D.O.B. (It's 'Date Of Birth' for those who don't know, and, yes, you bet, there's some people who don't know). (+1) The person is a 'she' btw.

3. Had a chance to utilize my rusty knowledge on heart rate monitor after abandon it for more than 2 years. (+1)

4. Knowing grannie is stable yet still sleepy from the surgery's anesthetics. (+1000)

5. Having some fun chat with lecturers during lunch and find 'the' lecturer cute and friendly (+1)

7. I have RM5.14 from Nuffnang so far. (+1)

6. Accidently and unintentionally knocked down the technician's circuitry and stuff (-100) in front of him! (-1000)

7. Throwing a tantrum on my good friends (-1000)

8. Just started studying for tomorrow's quiz (-10)

9. Apologized to my friends for the bad temper (+1)

10. Feed myself with an episode of Glee (+1)

11. Waiting 9pm to come to serve my cooked food in Cafe World ( * )


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