1 Liter of Tears & House MD Season 6

1. 1 Liter of Tears

This is one 'based on true story' story that is definitely gonna earn my tears, I mean, it IS earning now. Sigh~

My lecturer talked about this story last semester, when he was explaining some diseases, and his comment about this story was funny, although he never watch it, and he will not gonna watch it. His comment was: "My friend told me that I MUST watch this drama no matter what, because it is so touching, it made me cry!!! Please take note, that friend is male, and that's the point I'm not watching it, and I'm not gonna watch it at all, because that drama made a man cry, and the friend gave me goosebumps". The meaning is more or less like that lah, and he made me LoL.

I watched the movie version years ago. It is sad, but not sad enough to break me down and make me cry, so I told my sister about that when she introduced me the drama version.

She said:"The effect is different! You MUST watch the drama version! Even me also cry!!!"

And yes, she is damn right.

The thing about movie is that the story of the girl fighting against the disease for 10 years is squeezed to about 100 minute movie, and it's not enough to make the excellent 'sad' effect.

Watching the drama, I started crying on the 4th episode, when Aya knew about her sickness, and I knew I'm gonna cry from this episode onwards. Oh goodness~My eyes are so in pain already.

2. House MD Season 6

Oh my~ What should I say~ This is my most favourite series!! :)

Out of so many US series I watched, if you ask me which series that I love every single episode of it, I must say, it's gonna be House!

I thought of counting Glee, The Mentalist and Lie To Me in too, but they have only Season 1 up til now, so I'll give it a go first.

CSI - as much as I like it, but in some episodes (especially the episodes where Grissom is absent), I don't really admire it so much.

Six seasons! Exclude the whole season 3 and half of season 4, I really love every episode from Season 1 to Season 6!!

Ok lah the medical terms are confusing for me too, so watching with subtitles AND on computer instead of watching in AXN really helps! :p

In this new season, I tell you, I smile and awwwww in every episode! House is cute when he behaves like an ass, but he is cuter when he plays nice!! Haha! I love how it goes on the friendship between House and Wilson!!

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